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Studies and Careers in Immunology

SUN-IRG offers opportunities for Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees to students coming from any science or medicine related degree.  We have had postgraduate students from B.Sc, B.Ing, B.Tech and MBChB degrees as well as international equivalents of these. 

Please read the experience of a recent Masters candidate below.

The field of immunology is a vast field with many focus points to suit a student's interest. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) research is an especially important topic due to our prevalence of TB in the Western Cape and the Stellenbosch University Immunology Research Group (SUN-IRG) has provided a good platform for me to be able to study this topic.  I completed my national diploma and B. tech degree in Biomedical Technology before beginning my working life in a diagnostic field.  My yearning to learn and study further brought me to the SUN-IRG group to complete my Master's degree in Molecular Biology and has opened up so many doors for me to continue my education and to be a part of a successful and ambitious group of like-minded people.  I pride myself on my association with this world class research group and look forward to my future as a researcher of Stellenbosch University.