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Fresh & Young Concrete

​​​​​​​​​The characteristics of fresh and young concrete have a significant influence on both the mechanical and durability properties of hardened concrete. Fresh concrete refers to concrete that has just been cast while young concrete refers to concrete only a few days old. The characteristics to be investigated include: deformation, defects, rheology as well as mix design. Due to the wide scope of this field, the current focus is on the prevention of early age cracking of concrete, since the presence of these early cracks can have a major detrimental effect on the service life of any concrete structure. The research activities include research on plastic settlement cracking, plastic shrinkage cracking and thermal cracking of fresh and young concrete and are aimed at providing guidelines as well as the understanding needed for the prevention of early age cracking of fresh and young concrete.

Rheology, Plastic Cracking and Viscoplastic Behaviour of Concrete

Student: Marnu Meyer (PhD)

Supervisor: Dr Riaan Combrinck

Plastic Cracking Risk Guideline for South Africa

Student: Gerius Moelich (PhD)

Supervisor: Dr Riaan Combrinck

Influence of Temperature on the Plastic Cracking of Concrete

Student: Juandre Van Zyl (M.Eng)

Supervisor: Dr Riaan Combrinck

Rheological and Time-Dependent Compatibility Issues between Cement and Admixtures

Student: Johandre Bessinger (M.Eng)

Supervisor: Dr Riaan Combrinck​

Influence of Plastic Shrinkage Cracking on the Durability of Concrete

Student: Abrie Brits (M.Eng)

Supervisor: Dr Riaan Combrinck​​​