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​W.I. De Villiers
​​Computational and experimental modelling of masonry walling towards performance-based standardisation of alternative masonry units for low-income housing
E.P. Shiso​
In-plane structural response of single-storey unreinforced walls constructed using alternative masonry units​
M.A. Diekmann​Developing a low embodied carbon-content concrete with conventional concrete properties
M.Y. Khan​
The tensile material properties of plastic concrete and the influence on plastic cracking
​H.L. Bester
Generic model for predicting the performance of macro-synthetic fibre reinforced concrete for industrial flooring applications
​N. Ebrahim
Using Superabsorbent polymers in high performance concrete to mitigate autogenous and plastic shrinkage while observing compressive strength
​J. Fourie
Characterisation and evaluation of the mechanical properties of alternative masonry units
​J.P. Louw
The structural use of alkali activated materials (geopolymers)
M.Eng​​L. Steyl
Plastic cracking of concrete and the effect of depth
​2016PhD​​R. CombrinckCracking of plastic concrete slab-like elements​
​2016​PhD​P.D. Nieuwoudt​​Time-dependent behaviour of cracked steel fibre reinforced concrete: from single fibre level to macroscopic level​​​​​​
​2016​PhDB.J. Olawuyi​The mechanical behaviour of high-performance concrete with supersabsorbent polymers​
​2016​M.Eng​V.J. AlexandreThe performance of locally produced supplementary cementitious materials when incorporated in concrete​
​2016​M.Eng​B.D. Le RouxInfluence of admixtures on the plastic shrinkage cracking of concrete​
​2016M.Eng​​J.O. Lerch​Investigation into the effect of fibre geometry on the performance of macro synthetic fibre reinforced concrete​
​2016​M.Eng​D. MalherbeThe characterisation of compressed earth blocks stabilised with cement and agro-industrial residues
​​​2015PhDA.J. BabafemiTensile creep of cracked macro synthetic fibre reinforced concrete​
2015M.EngD. De KlerkThe durability of natural sisal fibre​ reinforced cement-based composites
2015M.EngD. DippenaarTensile properties of early age concrete and the experimental apparatus required for its determination
2015M.EngC.M. OdendaalEstablishment of performance-based specifications for the structural use of locally available macro-synthetic fibres
2015M.EngA. Van Noordwyk Quantifying the Sustainability of the Built Environment: The Development of a complete environmental Life Cycle Assessment Tool


Dissertations Prior to UCM

2014M.EngR. BarnardMechanical properties of fly ash/slag based geopolymer concrete with the addition of macro fibres
2014M.EngF. Le RouxStructural, economic and environmental feasibility of plastic load-bearing walling and roofing system for low-income housing​
2013M.EngJ. BothmaThe structural use of synthetic fibres: thickness design of concrete slabs on grade​
2013MSc.EngG. CoetzeeThe mechanical and volumetric behaviour of sisal fibre reinforced concrete blocks
2013MSc.EngD.W. ImmelmanThe influence of percentage replacement on the aggregate and concrete properties
2013MSc.EngD.E. vd WesthuizenUsing synthetic fibres in concrete to control drying shrinkage cracking in concrete slabs-on-grade
2012MSc.EngC. BrewisQuantifying the environmental dimension of sustainability for the built environment: with a focus on low-cost housing in South Africa
2012MSc.EngJ. BritsQuantifying the sustainability of the built environment: model for the determination of the environmental impact of the end-of-life phase
2012MSc.EngJ.L. MaritzAn investigation into the use of low volume - fibre reinforced concrete for controlling plastic shrinkage cracking
2012MSc.EngA.W. MohrMoment redistribution behaviour of SFRC members with varying fibre content
2012MSc.EngC.J. MoutonInvestigating the tensile creep of steel fibre reinforced concrete
2012MSc.EngP.D. NiewoudtQuantifying the cracking behaviour of strain hardening cement-based composites
2011MSc.EngR. CombrinckPlastic shrinkage cracking in conventional and low volume fibre reinforced concrete
2011MSc.EngR. JarrattConstruction of in-situ cast flat slabs using steel fibre reinforced concrete
2009MSc.EngC.J. AdendorffThe time-dependent cracking behaviour of strain hardening cement-based composite
W.I. Dunaiski​​Investigation into the effective lengths of web compression elements in parallel chord trusses
2007PhDW.P. Boshoff Time-dependant behaviour of Engineered Cement-based Composites