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High Performance Concrete

​​High Strength Concrete (HSC) is a type of High Performance Concrete (HPC) which has a compressive strength between 60 MPa and 120 MPa. The current structural design code used in South Africa, SANS 10100, does not allow for the design of concrete members using strengths of more than 50 MPa. The Euro Code, EN 1992-1, does however allow for concrete up to 105 MPa cube strength.  With the revision of SANS 10100 the local South African industry will be able to specify concrete up to 105 MPa. Little is however known about HSC using local materials. This research aims to investigate the properties of HSC using local materials and also develop mix design methods using these materials. Further focus is placed on the autogenous shrinkage, which is an important property of HPC to take note of, and ways to mitigate this time-dependent deformation.


nuraanEbrahim.JPGThe Effect of Superabsorbent Polymers on the Fresh Properties of Concrete

Nuraan Ebrahim (M.Eng)

Supervisor: Prof W.P.Boshoff

Superabsorbent polymers reduce the autogenous shrinkage of high strength concrete (HSC), but could also have a positive effect on the fresh properties of concrete, including the plastic shrinkage behaviour. This study investigates the effect of superabsorbent polymers on the fresh properties of concrete​.