Statistics and Actuarial Science
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Admission Requirements for Actuarial Science

B.Com. (Actuarial Science)- Admission Requirements (2018)

Minimum requirements for admission:

An NSC average based on the six best subjects, excluding Life Orientation, 80%;

Mathematics 80%;

Home Language 60%;

If English was not the home language: English First Additional Language 75%.

The Bachelor's programme is a Selection Programme:

The Selection Mark, on which selections will be based, will be calculated as:
(2×Mathematics) + Aggregate of best 5 other results (excl. Life Orientation)

For students who completed Grade 12 through a system requiring fewer subjects the Selection Mark may be calculated as: 
(2×Mathematics) + Aggregate of best 3 other results


For automatic provisional acceptance applicants will need to have met the minimum admission requirements and have a selection mark of at least 85% (based on Grade 11 results, or Grade 12 results if matriculated). Applicants with a selection mark of below 85% will then be considered on merit, taking account of the number of places available and the Faculty's general admissions policy.




B.Com.Hons. (Actuarial Science) - Admission Requirements (2018)

Requirements for admission to the one-year Honours programme:

  • A BCom (Actuarial Science) or equivalent degree with Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics as majors;
  • Passes in university modules equivalent to at least seven of the eight foundation and intermediate technical subjects of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (or core technical subjects CT1–CT8 of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries); and
  • Exemptions from (or passes in the profession's examinations for) at least five of the foundation and intermediate technical examinations of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (or core technical examinations CT1–CT8 of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries), including at least one of the subjects A201 (CT1) or A203 (CT5).


  1. For applicants who did not complete their Bachelor's degree in the minimum time of three years, an additional exemption is required for each additional year taken.
  2. Where students have not passed the equivalent of Subject A203 at university, or have completed a Bachelor's degree in which all eight of the foundation and intermediate technical subjects have been taken, a minimum of six exemptions is required.  

Students who narrowly fail to meet the above requirements (e.g. have one fewer exemption than required) may be considered for admission to an 18-month or two-year Honours programme.