General Linguistics
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General Linguistics 178


In 2016 General Linguistics 178 comprises the following sections:

02/02 – 26/02


Dr J Oosthuizen
01/03 – 01/04


Dr L Mongie
05/04 – 22/04


Prof T Biberauer
26/04 – 13/05


Ms E Pretorius
19/07 – 19/08


Ms E Pretorius
23/08 – 23/09


Dr F Southwood
27/09 – 21/10


Dr O Van Dulm


1 period per week

Tutors to be announced


There are three lectures per week:

  • Tuesday 15:00 (Van der Sterr Building, room 1024)
  • Thursday 10:00 (Arts Building, room 230)
  • Friday 14:00 (Arts Building, room 230)

In addition to these lectures, students also have to attend one compulsory tutorial per week. Admission to a tutorial may be refused if a student has failed to attend all three of the main lectures of the previous week without an officially acceptable excuse. The general arrangements regarding the tutorials for General Linguistics 178 are as follows:

(i)        All tutorials for each section of the module must be attended and all tutorial exercises must be completed and submitted on time. Students who fail to do so may be refused entrance to the final examination.

(ii)      If a student misses a tutorial owing to medical reasons, it is the responsibility of the student to provide his/her tutor with a valid medical certificate before or on the day of the following tutorial (see also Appendix B). This will prevent a mark of zero being awarded for the missed tutorial. In such cases, the tutor will provide the student with a copy of the missed tutorial, but it remains the student's responsibility to obtain the correct answers from a classmate.

(iii)     Tutorial workbooks will be returned to students before each formal class test and before the end of year examination. In addition to studying the work covered in the lectures, students are expected to use the tutorials as a tool for testing their knowledge during test and examination preparation.

(iv)      In the presentation of tutorials, the Department follows a system of parallel instruction. Students are divided, as far as possible, according to their preferred language, into an Afrikaans tutorial group (with teaching and learning through medium of Afrikaans) or an English tutorial group (with teaching and learning through medium of English).

Language specification

The Department is committed to the principle of multilingualism without exclusion as set out in the Faculty's language implementation plan.

  • Lectures are presented in English. Where practical, support to ensure access to course content, lecture material and activities is provided in Afrikaans (e.g. Power Point slides, lecture notes, terminology lists, electronic documents on SUNLearn, etc.);
  • Tutorials for General Linguistics 178 take the form of separate English and Afrikaans groups, and students are allocated to an English or Afrikaans group depending on their preferred language, with the possible addition of isiXhosa, where requested and where practicable;
  • Additional support in English or Afrikaans is provided to students in General Linguistics 178 who experience challenges with language or subject content;
  • In tests, exams, assignments and other assessment opportunities, students may use English or Afrikaans; assignments, question papers and assessment guidelines are provided in English and Afrikaans.

Prescribed book

Fromkin, V., R. Rodman and N. Hyams. 2014. An Introduction to Language. 10th edition. Boston, etc.: Thomson Wadsworth.


General Linguistics 178 is assessed by means of tests and tutorial exercises as well as an examination at the end of the year. For particulars regarding examinations, please consult the University's 2016 General Calendar.