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Metascience 324

Semester 1

56529 – Meta 324 (12) 

Dimensions of Historical Consciousness 



The professional historical discipline

·         What is history?

·         Arts, social sciences and the natural sciences

·         International historiography (the history of history writing)

·         South African historiography

·         Sources in the historical discipline (written, visual, oral)

·         Internal and external source criticism


Public history

·         Literature (biographies, diaries) and film as historical sources

·         Heritage and commemoration

·         Case studies :

o    Analysis of persecuted groups in WWII (Roma/Sinti, homosexuals)

o    Resistance and collaboration during WWII (German resistance to Nazism)


Programme Co-ordinator: Dr C. Fransch

Tel.: 021 808 2179 E-mail: fransch@sun.ac.za