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3rd Year History Modules

Semester 1

13463 - His 318 (24) 

Twentieth Century History: A Global Perspective 



Selected themes in twentieth century history from political, environmental and social history perspectives, including:

  • Global social, environmental, economic, demographic and political shifts and cultural change: religion, gender, class

  • Changes in civil society, education, the arts and sciences in the long twentieth century 


Engagement with the basic idea of historiography and basic historical methodology


Programme Co-ordinator: Prof S. Swart

Tel.: 021 808 2390 E-mail: sss@sun.ac.za

Semester 2

13463 - His 348 (24) 

South Africa in the 20th Century 



  • Perspectives on the Anglo-Boer War/ South African War

  • Wealth and poverty as persistent factors in 20th-century South Africa

  • Cultural and political dimensions of the rise and disintegration of Afrikaner nationalism

  • Perspectives on apartheid

  • The growth and dynamics of black political organisations and the change in power relations in 1994

  • Women and change in South African society

  • American cultural influences on black and white South Africa in historical perspective

Programme Co-ordinator: Prof S. Swart

Tel: 021 808 2390 E-mail: sss@sun.ac.za