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3rd Year History Modules

Semester 1


13463 - His 318 (24) 

Twentieth Century History: A Global Perspective (4L) 


Selected themes in twentieth century history from political, environmental and social history perspectives, including:

  • Global social, environmental, economic, demographic and political shifts and cultural change: religion, gender, class
  • Changes in civil society, education, the arts and sciences in the long twentieth century 


Engagement with the basic idea of historiography and basic historical methodology


Colonial liberation and nation building in the 20th century:

  • The end of the formal imperial era
  • Independence movements in Africa and India
  • New States
  • Cultural dimesions of independence: the search for a "pure" African culture in a globalising world
  • Africa in the globalising world


Semester 2


13463 - His 348 (24) 

South Africa in the 20th Century (4L) 

  • Perspectives on the Anglo-Boer War/ South African War
  • Wealth and poverty as persistent factors in 20th-century South Africa
  • Cultural and political dimensions of the rise and disintegration of Afrikaner nationalism
  • Perspectives on apartheid
  • The growth and dynamics of black political organisations and the change in power relations in 1994
  • Women and change in South African society
  • American cultural influences on black and white South Africa in historical perspective