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​Din​sdag, 18 Oktober | Tuesday,  18 October

Dr Sarah Ann Frank

(University of the Free State)

'An Empire Divided:  Vichy and the Free French Colonies during the Second World War'

Time | Tyd:          13:00 -14:00
Lokaal | Venue:    Departement Geskiedenis, Derde Vloer, RW Wilcocks

                                 gebou, Ryneveld Straat, Seminaar Kamer (3040)

                                 History Department, Ryneveld Street, Wilcocks Building,

                                 3rd Floor, Seminar Room (Room 3040)


Enquiries | Navrae:   Prof Sandra Swart

History Department, sss@sun.ac.za


Geskiedenis Departement |  History  Department

Seminar Series 2017 Seminaar Reeks

Tuesday, 14 February| Dinsdag, 14 Februarie
Prof Albert Grundlingh
(Universiteit Stellenbosch University)
‘The riddle of Rosalind Ballingall: Poster girl for hippie culture in Cape Town in the late 1960s.’

Dinsdag, 21 Februarie | Tuesday, 21 February
Prof Pierre du Toit
(Universiteit Stellenbosch University)
‘Renegotiating the constitution?’

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Geskiedenis Departement |  History  Department

Seminar Series 2016 Seminaar Reeks


Tuesday, 1 March| Dinsdag, 1 Maart

Dylan Wray

(Shikaya Education NGO)

'Even The Gods Have Agreed": student historical documentary film on the 1960 PAC anti-pass march from Langa to Cape Town'


Dinsdag, 8 Maart | Tuesday, 8 March

Dr Michelle Sikes

(Stellenbosch University)

'Gender and Ethnicity in Athletics: The Story of a Kenyan Olympian'


Tuesday, 15 March | Dinsdag, 15 Maart

Sebastian Potgieter & Prof Derek Catsam

(Stellenbosch University)/(University of Texas)

'So a Springbok, a Kiwi and an Eagle walk into a bar": The 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand and the USA'


Tuesday, 12 April| Dinsdag, 12 April

Dr Leopold Scholtz

(Onafhanklike politieke analis,Nederland)

'Die Einde van die Koue Oorlog en die Nuwe Wêreldwanorde'


Dinsdag, 19 April | Tuesday, 19 April

Marion Edmunds

(Leading historical and political documentary producer and director)

'Troopship Tragedy: the sinking of the SS Mendi, 1917': Historical documentary film (2015) introduced and discussed by the director, Marion Edmunds.


Tuesday, 26 April  | Dinsdag, 26 April

Prof Albert Grundlingh

(Stellenbosch University)

'Dressed for success: Historicizing Nelson Mandela's involvement in the 1995 Rugby World Cup'


Tuesday, 3 May | Dinsdag, 3 Mei

Prof Nigel Penn

(University of Cape Town)

'Wicked Missionaries: Seinfaden, Sex and the London Missionary Society (LMS) at the Cape, 1805-1825' 


Dinsdag, 10 Mei | Tuesday, 10 May

Prof David Johnson

(The Open University)

Clements Kadalie and the Language of Freedom'


Tuesday, 17 May  | Dinsdag, 17 Mei

Prof Robert Kaplan

'Was Hitler ill ? A Review of the Evidence'


Dinsdag, 30 Augustus | Tuesday,  30 August

Prof. Stefan Rinke

(Freie Universität Berlin)

'No Alternative to Extermination:  Germans and their Savages in Southern Brazil at the turn of the 19th Century'


Dinsdag, 13 September | Tuesday,  13 September

Tim Butcher

(Award-winning author, journalist, explorer and broadcaster)

'Our Man in Cape Town — Graham Greene's Secret African Love Affair'


Dinsdag, 20 September | Tuesday,  20 September

Prof Albert Grundlingh

(Stellenbosch University)

'The Riddle of Rosalind Balingall: Poster Girl for the Hippie Counterculture in Cape Town in the late 1960s'


Dinsdag, 27 September | Tuesday,  27 September

Claire Keeton

(Journalist and Writer, The Sunday Times)

'From State of Emergency  to Selfie State:  A 30-year South African press perspective'


 Dinsdag, 4 Oktober | Tuesday,  4 October

Jamie Miller

(University of Pittsburgh)

'An African Volk: The Apartheid Regime and its Search for Survival'


Dinsdag, 11 Oktober | Tuesday,  11 October

Prof Robert Kaplan

(University of Wollongong)

'Sex, Syphilis and Psychiatry'



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