Viticulture & Oenology
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​The DVO is situated in the recently renovated JH Neethling Building in Stellenbosch, with modern research laboratories, a fully equipped ​experimental cellar for small scale winemaking as well as a two story greenhouse for grapevine propagation and cultivation. In addition, the department has a modern commercial-scale ​training and research cellar at the Welgevallen experimental farm with more than 10 ha of established vineyards.​

A:  JH Neethling building

TrainingLecture room 10032Seats 56
Equipped with a computer, built-in data projector, overhead projector, a whiteboard, a blackboard and a soundsystem.
The lecturer desk consists of an internet cable, connection to own laptop. This room is on the US schedule system for bookings of other department's needs.
 Lecture room 1027 Seats 100
Equipped with built-in data projector, computer, overhead projector and a whiteboard. This room is on the US schedule system for bookings of other department's needs.
(as well as for research)Experimental Cellar1Accommodates 2 technical staff and 1 cellar assistant
Design to accommodate approximately 50 students for training purposes. Equipped with cellar training apparatus and equipment
(as well as for postgraduate training)
Celular/Molecular Microbiology Lab 2013A  including a preparation kitchen, electrophoresis room and radioactive room10

Currently accommodates 23 people: 4 academic staff, 2 technical staff, 1 post-doctoral fellow, 15 post-graduate students and 1 intern

GMO-registered for biotechnology research activities

Wine Bacteria Lab 2011 Accommodates 4 technical staff and  postgraduate students
Grapevine Molecular Biology Lab 2021 Currently at maximum capacity (6 benches x 3 seats = 18).
Tissue culture lab 2020C, including a preparation kitchen, transfer room and growing room Accommodates 10 academic and technical staff, as well as postgraduate students. GMO-registered for research activities
Chemical-analytical and TCA labs 1025 and 1029B TCA lab 1029B: Accommodates 2 Technical staff members, ISO 17025 SANAS accredited, equipped with 2 GC's .GMO-registered for research activities
Wine Biotechnology Lab 2002A, including a preparation kitchen, Electrophorsis room (2001B); Radio Active Room (2001C); Dark room (2001D); Microscope Room (2001E) Accommodates 10 academic and technical staff, as well as postgraduate students
GMO-registered for research activities
Fermentation Lab 2004A Accommodates 2 technical staff members
GMO-registered for research activities
Sensory Lab 1030A with preparation kitchen. Accommodates 2 staff member and has 16 wine tasting booths. Equipped with touch screen computers and newly installed sensory software
Oenology Lab 1004 with preparation kitchen. Accommodates 16 academic and technical staff, as well as postgraduate students
Viticulture Lab 1019A Accommodates currently one technical staff  and can potentially accommodate 12 students. It is currently very under-equipped and under-utilized
 Greenhouse1GMO-registered for biotechnology research activities
Seminars and meetingsSeminar/boardroom 30062Seats 17
Equipped with built-in data projector and a Parrot freepoint interactive whiteboard system.  Own laptop required.
Seminar/boardroom 1031Seats 17
Equipped with built-in data projector and a whiteboard.  Own laptop required.
Office and reception areasIWBT reception area 2014A, with a small kitchen 2Can accommodate 2 administrative staff members.  Currently seating only 1 administrative staff member.
Equipped with HP colour laser printer, fax machine, shredder, Minolta copy machine and a scanner.
Kitchen is equipped with a kettle, coffee machine, microwave oven and a small fridge.
 DVO reception area 2010A, with a small kitchenCan accommodate 2 administrative staff members.  Currently seating only 1 administrative staff member.
Equipped with HP colour laser printer, scanner and shredder. 
Multipurpose Minolta copy machine is situated on the ground floor.
Kitchen is equipped with a kettle, coffee machine and a small fridge.
 IWBT Finances 30032Accommodate 1 financial staff member.
Equipped with a computer, printer and shredder.
Stationary storeroom is based in this office.
 DVO Finances  1017Accommodate 1 financial staff members. 
Equipped with a computer and printer.
OtherJH Neethling courtyard1Used for functions and informal gatherings
 JH Neethling kitchen1Used by staff and students, as well as for functions held for own environment, as well as other university departments/divisions. Equipped with a hot plate, microwave, fridge, a selfservice coffee machine for staff and students, and 2 dishwashers

B:  Paul van der Byl building


Mr Jacobs/Dr Strever – seats one staff member and is suitable for holding small meetings (2 to 3 persons)

Technical Assistant Office – seats 3 staff members

Postgraduate Student Office – seats 3 students

Storage areasStore rooms8

1 Store room used by Prof Goussard on part-time basis

1 Dark room (adjoining to above) used as storage area

1 Implement storage room (separate building)

1 Implement storage room (outside access only)

1 Gas storage room (outside access only)

2 Store rooms within the building used for storing field equipment, loggers etc

1 Store room for cleaning products (Dienskamer)


1 oenology lab (under-graduate) with 2 x spectrophotometer, 4 x cooling bathes, 6 x aspiration apparatus and various glassware

In adjoining room: 2 small bench scales and 1 x oven for drying glassware

1 viticulture lab (post-graduate) with 1 x panenometer, 1 x Metrohm titration equipment with sample changer, 1 x pH meter,  4 x small bench scale, 1 x enclosed bench scale for sensitive weighing, 1 x scale with 20kg capacity, 1 x stirrer, 3 x vortex, 1 x floor vortex, 2 x blender sticks, 1 x homogenizer (kept in office for safe keeping), 1 x oven, 3 x -20°C box freezers, 1 x fridge, 1 x dishwasher and various glass- and plastic ware

TeachingSeminar room1Seats around 40 students
Tissue culture Incubator room1Used for undergraduate tissue culture practical
 Preparation room1Used for preparation of plant samples, equipped with a laminar air flow.
 Growth room1Equipped with a "light table" (owned by Distell), photographic equipment.
FridgesWalk-in fridges (smaller)14°C walk in fridge