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Recent Publications

  • ​Shalileh F, Gheibzadeh MS, Lloyd JR, Fietz S, Zahiri HS, Emaheh RZ. 2023. Evolutionary analysis and quality assessment of z-carbonic anhydrase sequences from environmental microbiome. Journal of Basic Microbiology 63: 1412-1425. 
  • Keret R, Schliephack PM, Stangler DF, Seifert T, Kahle HP, Drew DM, Hills PN. 2023. An open-source machine-learning approach for obtaining high-quality quantitative wood anatomy data from E. grandis and P. radiata xylem. Plant Science 340: 1-11. 
  • Gao F, Zhang L, Lloyd JR, Zhou W, Chen Y. 2023.  Reversible protein phosphorylation, a central signaling hub to regulate carbohydrate metabolic networks. Crop Journal 11: 1279-1286. 
  • Javal M, Terblanche JS, Benoit L, Conlong DE, Lloyd JR, Smit C, Chauis M. 2023.  Does host plant drive variation in microbial gut communities in a recently shifter pest? Microbial Ecology 86: 636-646. 
  • Vogel, D, PN Hills and JP Moore.  2023.  Strigolactones GR-24 and Nijmegen applications result in reduced susceptibility of tobacco and grapevine plantlets to Botrytis cinerea infection.  Plants 12: 3202
  • Ochatt SJ, Bhattacharya A, Prestwich BMD, Hano C, Hensel G, Marconi PL, Van der Vyver C. 2023. The role of biotechnological tools for mitigating abiotic stress in a changing climate – preface. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 154: 213-217.
  • Masoabi M., Burger F., Botha A-M., Vlok M., Snyman S. and van der Vyver C. (2023). Overexpression of Small Ubiquitin-Like Modifier proteases enhance drought tolerance in sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrid). Plant Biology; doi:10.1111/plb.13585. 
  • ​​Masoabi M., Pols S., Hills P., Snyman S. and van der Vyver C. (2023). Response of sugarcane plants with modified cytokinin homeostasis under water deficit conditions. Plant Stress, 10, 100240;
  • Keret R, Hills P, Drew D. 2023. The evolution of in vitro tracheary element systems from annual to perennial plant species.  Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, Https://​
  • Lloyd JR, Wilhelm R, Sharma MK, Kossmann J, Zhang P.  2023.  Editorial: Insights in plant biotechnology: 2021. Frontiers in Plant Science, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2023.1147930
  • Masoabi M., Snyman S. and Van der Vyver C. 2023. Characterization of an ethyl methanesulfonate-derived drought tolerant sugarcane mutant line. Annals of Applied Biology, 1-18; DOI: 101111/aab.12823. 


  • Javal M, Terblanche JS, Benoit L, Conlong DE, Lloyd JR, Smit C, Chapuis M-P.  2022. Does host plant drive variation in microbial gut communities in recently shifted pest? Microbial Ecology,​
  • R Keret, M Nakhooda, NB Jones and P Hills. 2022. Optimisation of micropropagation protocols for temperate eucalypt hybrids in South Africa, with a focus on auxin transport proteins. Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science 83 (4): 254-263
  • H Loubser, P Hills, I Wilson and J Janse van Rensburg. 2022. Mitigate salt stress and promote plant growth with C4L technology. Agri About 106

  • Gabriel CA, Fernhout J-J, Fichtner F, Feil R, Lunn JE, Kossmann J, Lloyd JR and Van der Vyver C. Genetic manipulation of trehalose 6-phosphate synthase results in changes in the soluble sugar profile in transgenic sugarcane stems. Plant Direct 5, e358; DOI: 10.1002/pld3.358
  • CR van Beek, T Guzha, N Kopana, CS van der Westhuizen, SK Panda and C van der Vyver. 2021. The SlNAC2 transcription factor from tomato confers tolerance to drought stress in transgenic tobacco plants. Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 27(5):907-921; DOI: 10.1007/s12298-021-00996-2.​
  • I Jacobs-Hoffmann and PN Hills. 2021. Effects of the commercial biostimulant BC204 on the rhizosphere microbial community of Solanum lycopersicum L.  South African Journal of Botany (In Press).
  • JR Lloyd and J Kossmann. 2021. Improving crops for a changing world. Frontiers in Plant Science 12: 728328;​


  • Xonti A., Hunter E., Kulu N., Maboeei P., Stander M., Koss​mann J., Peters S. and Loedolff B. (2020). Diversification of health-promoting phytochemicals in radish (Raphanus raphanistrum) and kale (Brassica oleracea) micro-greens using high light bio-fortification. Functional Foods in Health and Disease 10(2): 65-81​
  • Lloyd JR.  2020.  The A to B of starch granule formation in wheat endosperm.  Journal of Experimental Botany 71;
  • Mbambalala N., Panda SK. and van der Vyver C. 2020. Overexpression of AtBBX29 improves drought tolerance by maintaining photosynthesis and enhancing the antioxidant and osmolyte capacity of sugarcane plants. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter; DOI: 10.1007/s11105-020-01261-8
  • Hunter EW., Stander MA., Kossmann JM., Chakraborty S., Prince S. and Peters SW. 2020. Towards the identification of a phytocannabinoid-like compound in the flowers of a South African medicinal plant (Leonotis leonurus).  BMC Research Notes 13(522): 1-6. 
  • Loubser, J. and Hills P. 2020.  The application of a commercially available citrus-based extract mitigates moderate NaCl-stress in Arabidopsis thaliana plants.  Plants 9:10101​


  • ​Mdodana NT., Jewell JF., Phiri EE., Smith ML., Oberlander K., Mahmoodi S., Kossmann J. and Lloyd JR.  (2019). Mutations in glucan, water dikinase affect starch degradation and gametophore development in the moss Physcomitrella patens. Scientific Reports 9 (15114);
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  • W Wang, CE Hostettler, FF Damberger, J Kossmann, JR Lloyd and SC Zeeman. 2018. Modification of cassava root starch phosphorylation enhances starch functional properties.  Frontiers of Plant Science 9:1562. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01562​
  • RJ Ndimba, J Kruger, L Mehlo, A Barnabas, J Kossmann and BK Ndimba.  2018.  A comparative study of selected physical and biochemical traits of wild-type and transgenic sorghum to reveal differences relevant to grain quality.  Frontiers in Plant Science 8: 952.  doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00952​​
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  • Samodien E., Jewell J., Loedolff B., Oberlander K., George GM., Zeeman SC., Damberger FF., van der Vyver C., Kossmann J. and Lloyd JR.  2018.  Repression of Sex4 and Like Sex Four2 orthologs in potato increases tuber starch bound phosphate with concomitant alterations in starch physical properties. Frontiers in Plant Science 9:1044. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01044. 
  • Lopez-Obando M, de Villiers R, Hoffmann B, Ma L, de Saint Germain A, Kossmann J, Coudert Y, Harrison CJ, Rameoau C, Hills P and Bonhomme S.  2018. Physcomitrella patens MAX2 characterization suggests and ancient role for this F-box protein in photomorhpgenesis rather than strigolactone signalling.  New Phytologist, doi:10.1111/nph.15214
  • Pholo M, Coetzee B, Maree HJ, Young PR, Lloyd JR, Kossmann J and Hills PN.  2018.  Cell division and turgor mediate enhanced plant growth in Arabidopsis plants treated with the bacterial signalling molecule lumichrome.  Planta   ​


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  • Masoabi M, Lloyd J, Kossmann J and van der Vyver C.  Ethyl methanesulfonate mutagenesis and in vitro polyethylene glycol selection for drought tolerance in sugarcane (Saccharum sp.).  SugarTech, 2017, DOI: 10.1007/s12355-017-0524-8 
  • Ndimba RJ, Kruger J, Mehlo L, Barnabas A, Kossmann J and Ndimiba BK. A comparative study of selected physical and biochemical traits of wild-type and transgenic sorghum to reveal differences relevant to grain quality.  Frontiers in Plant Science, 2017, DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00952
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