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MSc & PHd Students


Devan Lötter (MSc Agric 1st year 2019)

Research topic:

The use of kerosene as alternative pest management method in canola.

Supervisor: Dr PJ Pieterse







Christo Van der Westhuizen.jpg 

Christoff Van der Westhuizen (MSc Agric 2nd year 2019)

Research topic: Developing management strategies to support sustainable production of lucerne in long-rotation/cropping systems.

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel


Braam Ehlers.jpg 

Braam Ehlers (MSc Agric 2nd year 2019)

Research topic:  The efficacy of selected herbicide-adjuvant mixtures for the control of RoundupReady volunteer maize" 

Supervisor: Dr PJ Pieterse 


Portia Pohlo.jpg 

Portia Phohlo (PhD 2019)

Research topic: The impact of fertiliser application rates on soil health and pasture yield in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Supervisor:  Dr Pieter Swanepoel


Flackson Tshuma.jpg 

Flackson Tshuma (PhD 2019)

Research Topic:

Soil tillage frequency effect on soil quality and plant productivity in conventional and organic conservation agriculture systems

in Swartland, South Africa.

Supervisor & Co- Supervisors: Dr P Swanepoel (Stellenbosch University)

Dr J Labuschagne (Western Cape Department of Agriculture - Elsenburg)  

Dr Francis Rayns (CAWR, Coventry University)

Chuene Victor Mashmaite.jpg 

 Chuene Victor Mashamaite (PhD 2019)


Karen Truter.jpg 

Karen Truter (MSc Agric 2nd year 2019)


M Kayes.jpg 

Malcolm Kayes (MSc Agric 2nd year 2019)

Research topic: Unpacking ecological sustainability at field level: a detailed study to explain interactions between nutrient and water use efficiencies in potato production

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel



Albert Coetzee  - Copy.jpg 

Albert Coetzee (MSc 2015 Graduate)

Research Topic: Nitrogen topdressing in canola: Time and rates of application.

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel



Rian Gericke.jpg
Rian Gericke (MSc Agric 2017 Graduate)

Research Topic: Identifying and using tuber characteristics to predict potato keeping quality.

Supervisor: Dr Marcellous Le Roux



Josiah Makuni (MSc Agric 2019 Graduate)

Research Topic: Direct and indirect methods for estimating lucerne yield.

Supervisors: Dr J. Labuschagne and Dr P. Swanepoel


EH Smit.jpg 

Ernst Smit (MSc Agric 2019 Graduate)

Research Topic: Utilisation of cover crops in conservation agriculture systems and its effects

on the functional role of the cover crop

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel


​​my pic.jpg

Bongani Ntombela ​(MSc Agric 2019 Graduate)

Research topic: Effective application methods of pre-emergence herbicides for weed control in wheat

( Triticum aestivum) production under conservation agriculture  in the Western Cape region. Picture attached.

Supervisor: Dr PJ Pieterse

2016-09-16 16.40.30 web.jpg
 Mulweli Matshidze (MSc 2018 Graduate & PhD 1st year 2019)

Research topic: Glyphosate resistance in wild oats (Avena fatua L.)

Supervisor: Dr PJ Pieterse

2016-09-16 16.41.02.jpg 

Vhutu Ndou (PhD 2019)

Research Topic: Phosphorus use efficiency for potato production

Supervisor: Dr Estelle Kempen

2016-09-16 16.38.08 web.jpg 

Derick Becker (MSc 2017 graduate)

Research Topic: Soil microbial community structure associated with canola and nitrogen fertilisation

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel

SJ Haarhoff.jpg 

Stephano Haarhof (PhD 2019)

Research Topic: Planting density and row-width effects on soil quality, maize root growth and yield under Conservation Agriculture.

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel


Sibongiseni Silwana (MSc Agric 2019 Graduate)

Research topic: Establishment of wheat and canola seed using a tine or disc opener.

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel


Charne Viljoen (MSc Agric 2018 Graduate)

Research topic: Optimising nitrogen fertilisation of kikuyu and kikuyu-ryegrass pastures.

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel

B Jordaan.jpg
Bernhard Jordaan (MSc Agric 2017 Graduate)

Research Topic: The strategic nitrogen fertilisation of kikuyu-based pastures over-sown with legumes.

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel


Tendai Mucheri (PhD 2019)

Research topic:

Glufosinate an opportunity in future weed management.

Supervisor: Dr PJ Pieterse


J Van Der Linde.jpg
 Jacques van der Linde (MSc Agric 2017 Graduate)

Research topic: The effects of zinc bio-fortification on wheat (Triticum aestivum) yields, seed vigour and grain zinc concentrations.

Supervisor: Dr PJ Pieterse

 Tonderai Clive Mandizvidza (PHd 2019)

Research topic: Functional bacterial species composition: a common denominator in the ecological and socio-economic nexus in agroecosystems functioning.

Supervisor: Dr Marcellous Le Roux

Co-supervisor: Dr Ethel E Phiri


Pieter Le Roux.JPG
 Pieter Le Roux (MSc Agric 2017 Graduate)

Research topic: Performance of a dual disc and tine planter, soil quality and residue management for canola production

Supervisior: Dr Pieter Swanepoel

PJ Neethling.jpg
 PJ Neethling (MSc Agric 2017 Graduate)

Research topic: Developing nitrogen fertiliser management strategies for wheat (Triticum aestivum) under conservation agriculture practices within the Western Cape

Supervisor: Dr Pieter Swanepoel


Joyful Tatenda Rugare (PhD graduate 2018)

Research topic:

Allelopathic effects of leguminous green manure cover crops on the germination and

growth of Blackjack (Bidens pilosa) and Rapoko grass (Eleusine indica)

Supervisor: Dr PJ Pieterse