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​Despite Stellenbosch University significant transformation over the past decade – including intensive, proactive efforts to recruit academics of colour from across South Africa – the persistence of SU’s former reputation as an affluent, white, Afrikaans-speaking campus continues. The assumption that all SU students are from affluent backgrounds is incorrect. A recent estimate of our ‘missing middle’ showed that 41% of our students in 2016 (12 577) were from households with an income of R600 000 or less per annum. 
The categorisation of SU as a ‘previously advantaged’ university has real implications in terms of government funding, for instance, through the weighting of available NSFAS bursaries in favour of universities falling in the ‘previously disadvantaged’ category. Because of this, of a total of 1 627 SU students theoretically qualifying NSFAS bursaries in 2016, only 966 actually received NSFAS funding. The remaining 650 students were all granted bursaries covered by SU institutional funding, a funding stream that is depleted by 2018.
There is an ongoing need for the fundraising team to secure bursary investment in the University to support our commitment to transformation. The percentage of students of colour at the University has increased to 38% (of a total of 30 150 in 2016) and will continue to rise to at least 40% across undergraduate and postgraduate studies within the next three years. We rely upon your ongoing commitment to a fully diverse and excellent Stellenbosch University today and in the future. This commitment is so greatly appreciated.

When you give to Stellenbosch University, you are partnering with us to create a shared future for all Maties.

From bursaries and scholarships, to capacity building programmes and student success initiatives, your support sends our skilled students out into the world, prepared to contribute to a brighter future. They will make a difference because you have made a difference. 

We hope that our 'Partnering for Access' bursary video series celebrate the inspiring stories of donors who are a net of support for students striving to reach their highest potential.

Whether the gift is R100 a month from an individual, that goes into a collective pool, or R100 000 from a corporate, Trust or Foundation, the impact is made: a changed life ready to transform the world.

Please view, like and share our videos on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and play your part in partnering for access. 

​Paying It Forward: The Amicus Fund

Amicus.pngThe story of the Amicus Fund highlights the power of collective giving. Meet Mikhail Hendricks, SU Law student and recipient of an Amicus bursary, with aspirations to make a positive contribution in South Africa. He is primed to become a SU alumnus, like Aubrey Magerman, who also received a bursary during his student days – and is now a sterling professional in his field. Aubrey is paying it forward as an Amicus Fund Committee Member and donor. 

 Leveraging a generational legacy: The Crossley Foundation

crossley_web.jpgThis case study showcases how organisations like the Harry and Doris Crossley Foundation contribute to systemic change to societal challenges, through the support of university students engaged in creating solutions that our world needs. Meet Linda Luvuno, a GreenMatter Fellow, is one of the recent recipients of a Harry Crossley bursary. In the video, she meets Linda Witfield, Director of the Crossley Foundation, who is passionate about harnessing the power of student potential.

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 Investing in future talent: MMI Holdings Limited

MMI.pngStellenbosch University graduates are sought after in the job market. Simo Mvinjelwa, Group Lead for Skills Development at MMI Holdings, has been fishing for fresh talent in the SU student pool for over a decade now. His recent catch is smart and enterprising Catherina de Villiers, Actuarial Sciences graduate who will be making her mark at MMI. This is one example of nurturing potential in partnership with universities and simultaneously growing the talent pipeline of corporates. 

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 Fostering Greatness: The Dippenaar Family Trust

Dippenaar.pngOver the past twenty years, Laurie and Estelle Dippenaar have been helping students achieve their potential through the Dippenaar Family Trust. One such student is Siyabonga Ndlovu, a budding entrepreneur himself, who wants to find ways to create real corporate social value. This example of giving showcases how families (or groups of individuals) can have a 'living' legacy by aiding student success. 

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