​​​Chinese Courses

Welcome to Chinese courses offered by Confucius Institute of Stellenbosch University. We hope you will enjoy learning Chinese with us and take advantage of all that Confucius Institute and Stellenbosch University has to offer.  Our courses are also available to the public, welcome to join us.

Course information:

​Type of Chinese Course

​Course Information 

​Spoken Chinese Course​
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​General Language Course 
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Summary of module content 

An integrated approach incorporating listening, speaking and reading skills (including grammar and vocabulary) will be adopted. However, a specific language skill (including basic writing) may be emphasized more than others in a specific module or level. Specific assistance on HSK tests and basic dissemination of Chinese culture will be offered as well. ​

Dates :

Semester 2
All Chinese courses will run from August 16th - November 18th, 2021
(We offer classes for none-basic learners every semester.) 

Cost :

Registration & Material fee R200.​ Tuition: free ​

The number of lessons per week: 

Two classes of 60 minutes each per week, over a period of 12 weeks (excluding public holidays).
All courses are offered with a minimum of five students per class. If the number of students is fewer than five, a course may be cancelled or, after careful consideration, two classes may be combined. 

Expected outcomes:

Students should be able to demonstrate language ability in certain daily communication and should be able to pass the HSK tests appropriate to their levels.

You can find us at the address below:

CI office (23 on map): 
Room 102, WAT Building, 115 Banghoek street, Stellenbosch  

Maties Community hall (24 on map): 
opposite to CI office.(Matie Community Services,Old Lückhoff School, Banghoek street, Stellenbosch)