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Adult Classes

At the Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU), you will have the opportunity to improve your Chinese language with the help of our qualified Chinese language teachers. 

Although our courses are non-credit-bearing, what sets the CISU apart from other Chinese language centers is that it is certified to provide opportunities to write the HSK test, which is the most internationally recognized Chinese proficiency test to date. Passing this test does not only give you an indication of one's language ability but stands participants in good stead to attain scholarships to study in China​, A number of our courses are specifically designed to prepare students to pass HSK, 

As any language student knows, communication is a big driving force behind learning a new language. With this in mind, we have developed a speaking course for intermediate and advanced students, as well as a semi-structured social opportunity named "Chinese Corner".

For beginners, we mainly focus on listening and speaking skills, while for intermediate and advanced students, the focus moves to incorporate reading and writing skills. Where possible we also touch on facets of Chinese culture,  which we believe, will definitely give you a deeper understanding of ancient and modern China. 

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Chinese Language Classes

(Chinese Classes & Spoken Chinese Classes)

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Tai Chi Chuan

(A martial arts course)

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Chinese Corner

(A social learning opportunity)

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