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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The following information is available on the Information Dashboard: (access restricted to SU staff)

Planning Information​Click here​​​​​

  • Financial breakdown for the University and faculties
  • Study fees and block allocations
  • Teaching inputs and outputs, research outputs
  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students


FTE Student InformationClick here​​​​​

  • Definitions
  • CESM and course level perspective
  • Race and gender perspective and CESM
  • Course level
  • Funding group
  • Faculty perspective


RatiosClick here​​​​​

  • Definitions
  • FTE-weighted students by study level per staff member


Strategic Management IndicatorsClick here

​SU Score Card for Strategic Framework 2019-2024

The Effectiveness Score Card models and tracks the new Strategic Management Indicators with respect to 2024 targets, as aligned with Vision 2040 and the Strategic Framework.

Stellenbosch University has six core strategic themes that underlie the SU Strategic Framework 2019-2024. The framework provides for further planning in the university and the details of the plan is incorporated into the annual Institutional Plan and serves to integrate and effectively coordinate SU's institutional strategy, priorities and goals. The environment plans of all the responsibility centres, faculties and professional and administrative support services are aligned with the strategic framework and the Institutional Plan.

The Score Card is based on a composite index approach, with the purpose to measure progress for each SMI, objective and theme, as well as for the Strategic Framework as a whole. Different weights are allocated to core strategic themes, institutional objectives and indicators and measures, which all influence the overall composite effectiveness of the university. The index is based on measuring effectiveness, defined as progress made towards reaching a goals.

Performance measurement is complex and the allocation of weights to performance indicators according to their priorities to derive a composite score require the participation of key stakeholders. The SU Score Card was discussed with and demonstrated to the rectorate on 31 March 2020 where the model was accepted as a novel management tool for Stellenbosch University. ​

Currently the link still indicates the SMI's for the period from 2015-2022.  

The new SMIs​ will soon be available in the Power BI cloud.

​​StaffClick here​​​​​

  • Staff composition
  • Staff FTE
  • Staff FTE per faculty and department


Qualifications AwardedClick here​​​​​

  • Qualifications 2014-2018
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Demography and academic performance


StudentClick here​​​​​

  • Enrolments 2014-2018
  • Demography and first years​​​

InfographicsClick here​​​​​

  • SU Staff
  • SU Students
  • Staff nationally
  • Students nationally
  • Student-Staff ratios


RankingsClick here​​​​​

  • Rank, overall score and indicators of South African universities for Times Higher Education Emerging Economies
  • QS
  • ARWU
  • CWTS
  • Clarivate Analytics​

R​eportsClick here​​​​​

  • Planning Information Documents
  • Fact Books
  • VitalStats
  • Enrolment Reports


The Division for Information Governance (IG) developed an interactive PowerBI™ visualisation of research data which the Division for Research and Development (DRD) collects annually. The prototype contains the data that DRD collects from departments and faculties and then repackage in PDF documents as reports to deans of faculties. Data for this report was obtained from the Division Research Development and expanded with NRF Rated researcher data, doctoral and masters qualifications awarded from the SUN-i data warehouse and staff data obtained from Human Resources via the SUN-i data warehouse.

The prototype is availabl​​​e on the PowerBI cloud​   link​ link​


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