Information Governance
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Data Warehouse (SUN-i)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The SUN-i Business Intelligence System is a joint initiative by the divisions Information Governance and IT.  The objective is to provide management information to support decision-making at middle and strategic levels of management.  Information is integrated from different environments to create a holistic perspective.

Users can access SUN-i via dynamic Excel reports and interactive PowerBI reports.  Standard Excel templates are available and users can customise their own Excel reports to suit their individual needs. Only registered SUN-i users can access the reports. To access the PowerBI reports, a PowerBI lisence is required. Details about acquiring a PowerBI lisence is available here​

​The following information is available:

  • Programme applications
  • Student enrolments and qualifications
  • Module enrolments and examination results
  • Student retention and throughput rates
  • Bursary applications and awards
  • Staff reports
  • HEMIS reports

 Note that you are not allowed to publish information without permission.

If you intend to publish the information, contact the Institutional Permission Help Desk –

To register for access, training or general enquiries:

​Ms Loumarie Kistner
Send email​​​

+27 21 808 9593