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Travel & Entertainment



When claiming for entertainment costs, it must be in accordance with certain conditions as availability of funds, funder requirements and reasonability. Certain limits are determined per person which includes meals, refreshments and gratuity. All claims must be accompanied by an invoice from the restaurant, reason for reception and who attended the reception (internal or external).


Travelling and Subsistence

The rules and regulations as stipulated by SARS (South African Revenue Service) and SU (Stellenbosch University) for the booking of accommodation, flights, hired vehicles and claiming subsistence and travel (domestic and internationally) for travelling purposes.  

To claim foreign subsistence allowance the necessary currency per country must be used. Proof of the exchange rate used should be attached to the requisition for payment.  

When a request for reimbursement of expenses incurred in a foreign country is submitted, proof of the expense amount in Rand should be provided, e.g. credit card statement or proof of the foreign exchange rate at the date of conversion of cash.

When booking flights through any other provider than the preferred travel agents, namely Maties, Neelsie and Indojet Travel, comparable quotes should be obtained from the mentioned travel agents, and should be attached to the request for payment.