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What is Our Objective?

Our main objective? Systematic Financial Sustainability 

The Division continuously evaluates and aligns its objectives and implementation plans with a view to contribute to the implementation of SU’s institutional objectives according to the approved Institutional Plan and Institutional Intent and Strategy, as well as the environment plans from the faculties, other professional and administrative support environments, and other relevant interest groups, both internal and external.

During a strategic session for divisional heads within in the Division Finance on 24 April 2017, the objectives that follow were set for the short and the long term respectively. These objectives are built on those set in previous years, and have been expanded to accommodate new challenges that the Division has to face:

  1. Plan for and assist with the implementation of SUNFin – formerly Kuali Financials (KFS) – as well as the greater Systems Renewal Plan (SRP) according to approved ICT objectives, with a specific focus on financial integration and the accompanying internal controls.
  2. Refine the integrated budgetary model for all five SU money streams according to the approved SU budgetary model, taking into account matters that the task team is reviewing.
  3. Refine integrated reporting (including the half-year report) in accordance with the Guidelines for Reporting by Higher Education Institutions.
  4. Conduct gap analysis to facilitate the implementation of King IV in accordance with the approved project plan for that, in order to ensure compliance as part of integrated reporting and good corporate control principles within SU.
  5. Collect outstanding student fees and loans effectively and in compliance with the requirements of the Credit Act.
  6. Anchor and further refine the Integrated Reassurance Plan (the IR Plan) together with Internal Audit and other role players.
  7. Investment Management: Implement the decisions by the Investments Committee of Council – IC(C) – regarding the restructuring of SU’s long-term investment strategy and mandate.
  8. Investigate cashless environments as an alternative to current practice with a view to healthy financial management and security.
  9. Manage cash flow and align cash flow projections with Council’s approvals for the ICT Project as well as the Campus Renewal Project (CRP).
  10.  Provide sound financial management of the funds invested by Council in the following projects: ICT, CRP, Sport.
  11. Distribute financial management information in support of effective financial planning and management decisions, working closely with the Division Institutional Research and Planning (IRP).
  12. Develop a financial indicator for the SMIs.
  13. Improve communication with staff as well as clients (both internal and external), which includes translating updates of Finance’s website.
  14. Communicate about the new BBBEE Code and how the impact of the new requirements will be managed.
  15. Prepare for the quality audit (implement benchmarks).
  16. Implement the SunRekords Project in the Division Finance.
  17. During the revision phase, align the Division’s environmental plan effectively with SU’s new Institutional Intent and Strategy for submission to Council in November 2017, as well as with the current Institutional Plan and the objectives and management indicators that it contains.
  18. Anchor systemic sustainability as well as social impact and transformation objectives in the core business/objectives of the Division Finance.
  19. Expand the integrated plan to address SU’s (and the town’s) mobility challenges.​