Campus Health
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About us

​​​​​​​​​​​Our doors officially opened in 1974 as a student health service. Since then the service has evolved into a professional academic support service where staff and students are welcome.

At CHS we focus to promote quality of life, healthy development, positive health behaviours and to increase the campus community's awareness and understanding about health diseases and disability.

We ensure compliance to health related statutory requirements in the workplace, safe participation and performance enhancement of SU athletes; and provide quality control and medical emergency services.

Our institutional home is in the Responsibility Centre (RC) for Social Impact, Transformation and Personnel​.

Although our main focus is the provision of primary health care to the institutional community, CHS also provides the executive management of SU with health information that may have an impact on the strategic objectives of the institution. We are also represented in many high-level institutional committees such as the Risk Management Committee, the Health Care Committee, the Staff and Student Wellness Committees, the Equity and Diversity Committee, and Institutional Planning Forum.​

Quality health care is your right