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Sports & Exercise Medicine

​​​​​​​​​​​We are a Collaborating Centre of Excellence of the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) and provide specialist care for athletes and physically active individuals.  Our services are directed toward providing optimal treatment and management of existing injury and ensuring safe participation and performance enhancement in future sport.  Our three sports physicians are all accredited with the South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA)​.

We offer the following programs:


Acute Sport Trauma Program​

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M​atie​s Injury Program​​​



Concu​ssion Program


Event Support Services

​    Maties First Aid Society​         More Information​

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Acute Sport Trauma Program

This service deals with immediate medical emergencies arising from injuries sustained during sports games, from all sporting codes.

When you are injured during a sports game, don't wait until the next morning before seeking medical attention.  Come seek medical attention immediately. During rugby matches, our staff are located in the medical room of the Danie Craven Rugby stadium​.


Maties Injury Program​ ​

CHS provides a free injury screening service for Maties High Performance athletes.  This is for new injuries sustained during an official training and/or sporting event.  Here we will assess and refer for further treatment and/or intervention as needed.

You only pay for your consumables and medicines (Ts&Cs apply).

NOTE:  This is not for illness, old injuries or private training injuries.

Concussion​ Program

We provide a detailed concussion assessment according to Sports Concussion South Africa guidelines, with initial and follow-up treatments for anyone worried about concussion. This service is by appointment only and is open to scholars and the public as well.

Please inform reception if a concussion is suspected.

Medical Screening (including Sport Cardiology)

Screenings are done to identify conditions or injuries that influence safety in physical activity or sporting performance.  This is for high-performance athletes, sports teams and anyone switching to a more intense training programme (including scholars and the general public).

Event Support Services​

CHS provide a legal and appropriate standard of medical support for anyone organising an event on campus or using Stellenbosch University facilities.

If you are organising an event on Campus:

  • Please register your event centrally by emailing

  • Download the Event Medical Risk Assessment Form here​, complete it and return to Cecil Adams on for a free event medical risk evaluation, which meets legal requirements.

NOTE: Please do this in the planning stage of your event - the latest we c​an accommodate is 2 weeks for small events (< 200 people), 1 month for events of 200 - 1000 people, and 3 months for larger events (> 1000 people).

For more information, quotes and bookings: please email Cecil Adams ​on​


Maties First Aid Society

Do you like helping people? Have you had some experience with first aid or life-saving? Would you like to join our group of student first aid providers who serve at the rugby matches and other sports events?

REQUIREMENT: Current, valid Level 3 First Aid Certification (South African qualification). 

Additional rugby specific training will also be needed but we will assist with this. 

Contact our First Aid Coordinator to find out more: Anneke Strangfeld on 237860​​

More Information

​​​​For more information on concussion, please see Sports Concussion South Africa.

Further reading on drug free sp​ort can be found on the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport website.

Is your medication allowed by WADA in your sport? Find out here.

Find the truth about the supplement industry and information on how to eat properly for your sport by clicking here​.