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The prevalence of tendon changes in the patellar and Achilles tendons of asymptomatic track and field athletes ​

Dr P L Viviers

​The effect of autologous PRP therapy on the healing of acute hamstring injury

​Dr P L Viviers​​

​​Associations between lifestyle modifiable risk factors, work-related stress and the chronic disease continuum: a pilot study in campus security officers​​

Dr P L Viviers​​

​Wellness at work: a 12-week structured exercise program to reduce non-communicable disease- related risk factors amongst campus security officers

Dr PL Viviers
​The efficacy of an integrated football program for long-term youth athlete development

Dr PL Viviers

​The prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in South African rugby players (Collaboration with Sharks Rugby)​

Dr PL Viviers
​Determinants of Health and Wellbeing amongst a South African University Campus Community

​Dr L Grobler​​
​Risk factors for non-communicable disease amongst university language interpreters

Dr PL Viviers