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Prof Bill Nasson


Abraham Esau's War: A Black South African War in the Cape 1899-1902  (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1991) ISBN 0521 385121 pp.244, 

  • Reissued by Cambridge in PB (2002)

Education: From Poverty to Liberty, co-edited with John Samuel  (David Philip, Cape Town, 1991), ISBN 0 86486 154 0 pp.203

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  • Dutch-language version, with additional chapter: Den Boerenoorlog 1899-1902  (Verloren, Hilversum, 1999), ISBN 90 6550 082 0 pp.301

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  • PB edition, with minor changes: Britannia's Empire: A Short History of the British Empire  (Tempus, Stroud, 2006) ISBN 0 7524 3808 5 pp.358
  • Das Britische Empire: Ein Weltreich unterm Union Jack  (Magnus-Verlag, Essen, 2007): German-language version, with new introduction ISBN 9783884004432 pp.270  

Springboks on the Somme: South Africa in the Great War 1914-18   (Penguin, Johannesburg, 2007; Penguin, Global, 2008) ISBN 978 0 143 02535 1 pp.257: new 2010 edition of 1999 The South African War


Book recognition: shortlist, Herskovits African Studies Book Prize (Abraham Esau's War 1992); Recommended Book, Library Society of New York  (Britannia's Empire, 2005); UCT Book Award Recipient (twice) 


Minor titles

People and Power, Book Two, co-authored with I. Phimister et al. (Academic, Harare, 1993), Zimbabwean GCE history textbook. ISBN 0949 229 190 pp.178


Book chapters

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Books: guest foreword/introduction

Preface to Turning Points in History, Books 1-6 (STE, Pretoria, 2004) pp.8-10

Foreword to Every Step of the Way: The Journey to Freedom in South Africa  (HSRC Press, Cape Town, 2004) pp.vi-x (for Professor Kader Asmal, Minister of Education)

Preface to Turning Points in Human Rights, Books 1-4 (STE, Pretoria, 2007), pp.9-12


Articles and essays

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Prof Albert Grundlingh


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