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Boasting red-colored cylindrical design, the Mimi Moto, awarded the ‘Best Stove’ by the UN Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, is a forced air gasifier stove that burns small wood pallets to create a clean flame. Not only is this stove much safer (you can even hold it while it’s burning!), cleaner (no toxic smoke) and cheaper, it also works on a small rechargeable battery and is transformable into a heater!

It includes two removable burning chambers to manage all type of cooking needs. The bigger chamber is to generate high power flame and can adjust large pots for cooking where the small chamber produces low power simmering that’s required for small pots or simply for warming food. To maintain constant flames, a fan has been integrated into the stove.

"I am proud to stand with Secretary Clinton to work to reduce the senseless and preventable deaths from unsafe cooking conditions in developing countries, and I look forward to contributing to the important work of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves."

– Julia Roberts, actress

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Health Promotion South Africa Trust® is a non-profit organization providing information and training in health and hygiene to prevent illness in the disadvantaged communities of Southern Africa.

Thousands of people, especially children, are dying every year as a result of limited knowledge about hygiene and illness prevention. Therefore, Health Promoters®' strives to employ the basic right of healtcare education by providing healthcare workshops. Among the workshops chosen priority has been given to practical health issues such as child health, family planning, female hygiene, primary healthcare, primary HIV/AIDS care, sanitation, obesity, nutrition, hypertension and other chronic lifestyle diseases.

“The Health Promoters at School Workshop was one of the best experiences we as parents had, not only learning and gaining knowledge on how we can really change the mind sets of our people in the communities but how we can improve their decision making in the future."

Duane Miller, a parent at Norma Road Primary School in Silvertown, Athlone