Centre for Infectious Diseases
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​​Prof Jean Nachega


Prof Jimmy Volmink

Dean: Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences​

​​Prof Mark Cotton​

​Department Paediatrics and Child Health (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences​)

​​​​​​Prof Wolfgang Preiser​​​

Division of Medical Virology (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences​​)


Dr Jantjie Taljaard

Department of Medicine (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences)​​​​

​​Prof Rob Warren

Division Molecular Biology & Human Genetics (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences​)


Other members:


Dr Hans Prozesky

Department of Medicine, Adult Infectious Diseases​​
(Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences)


​​Dr Helena Rabie

Division of Paediatrics & Child Health (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences), KidCru, South-to-South​

Dr Gert van Zyl​

Division of Medical Virology​ (Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences)





Representative from Western Cape Provincial Government, Department of Health

Position currently vacant

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