African Microbiome Institute
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

​​​​​​​​The Af​rican Microbiome Institute (AMI)

​​​Teaching and le​​​arning​

Our core activities include:

  • Hosting scientific meetings, symposia, and networking events
  • Providing focussed microbiome workshops to develop analytical capacity
  • Serving as a central resource for fostering collaboration with other microbiome researchers, developing funding proposals, and providing bioinformatic support. 

To facilitate this, we arrange quarterly scientific gatherings, with locations alternating between Tygerberg and Stellenbosch Campuses. This strategy accommodates the diverse research interests for students on both campuses while ensuring in-person attendance while also providing online access for those unable to be physically present.

In-person gatherings not only foster networking opportunities but also facilitate dynamic and spontaneous discussions, provide exposure to cutting-edge research, encourage knowledge sharing, create prospects for collaborations and inspire motivation. 

We harness our in-house expertise and engage in external collaboration, both locally and internationally, to continuously enhance the University's academic programs. Our approach to teaching is learner-centric, emphasizing a partnership in which students actively contribute to the creation of knowledge and the development of conducive learning environments.