Division of Molecular Biology & Human Genetics


Mycobacteriology​​: Host-pathogen mycobactomics​



Selected National Collaborations:

  • Dr. Lizl Cronje, Dept. of Polymer Chemistry, Stellenbosch University​​
  • Prof. Sarel Malan and Ms. Erika Kapp, School of Pharmacy, University of the Western Cape
  • Prof. Alan Christoffels and Dr. Ruben Cloete, South African National Bioinformatics Institute, University of the Western Cape
  • Profs. Jonathan Blackburn and Nicky Mulder, University of Cape Town, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine

Selected International Collaborations :

  • Prof. Jyothi Rengarajan, Emory Vaccine Centre, Emory University, USA
  • Dr. Rivka Isaacson, Kings College London, UK
  • Prof. Ramesh Wigneshweraraj, Imperial College London, UK