Centre for Rehabilitation Studies
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Division of Disability & ​Rehabilitation Studies


Mission, vision & objectives



The Division is a committed, co-ordinating and directive institution that aims at excellence in addressing the current need for advanced interdisciplinary studies, research and service in the disability and rehabilitation-related fields. This is achieved by education and training of health professionals, from a variety of backgrounds, to develop the necessary clinical decision-making, managerial, educational and research knowledge, skills and socio-political attitudes, to assume positions of consultancy and leadership within the Rehabilitation field. The Division's mission is underpinned by the principles of the comprehensive primary health care approach and will be realized by working in collaboration with the disability and service sectors.



Enabling excellence in Rehabilitation through partnerships.


Research and development

The Division conducts qualitative, quantitative and evaluating research in the fields of epidemiology of disablement and problem analysis, in order to facilitate community re-integration of persons with disabilities.

The Division will make available the results of it research by means of publications, research papers, policy documents, seminars, continuing professional development courses and dissemination of research findings to stakeholders.


Teaching and learning in rehabilitation
The Division is responsible for the development and delivery of undergraduate modules and postgraduate programmes in rehabilitation that can be used for the training of learners in rehabilitation and health-related professions by addressing the service needs and utilising the integrated teaching service platform.

Special attention is given to the development and delivery of rehabilitation-related continuing professional development and other educational programmes for health and health-related professions all levels of health services and in the community.


Support Services

The Division facilitates rehabilitation-related service programmes at all levels of health services and in the community in order to promote the re-integration of disabled persons in the home and work environments through research and teaching.



The Division will collaborate with other faculties, disciplines and institutions of higher learning, disabled people's organizations, communities, NGO's and public and private health services and with any other relevant bodies.