Unit for Construction Materials
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Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

​​​​​​​​​​​​The environmental impact of the construction industry is a concern and research in the development of eco-friendly construction materials should be a high priority. New construction materials or even just improving conventional construction materials is imperative for a more sustainable built environment. The objective is to both develop new construction materials but also reduce the environmental impact of currently used construction materials. The activities are within the field of alternative masonry units, including material development, structural testing, determining suitable specifications and lasting implementation on a large scale. Work is also done on researching more eco-friendly cement-based binder and natural fibres in a cement-based matrix. Alkali activated materials are also investigated as an alternative for conventional concrete.

Determination of the Mechanical Performance Requirements of Alternative Masonry Units

Student: JP Jooste (M.Eng)

Supervisor: Dr Wibke De Villiers

Macro-Modelling using Homogenization Techniques for Global Structural Analysis of Alternative Masonry

Student: Lemuel Thompson (M.Eng)

Supervisor: Dr Wibke De Villiers

Resolving Compatibility Issues between NBR and SA Loading Code using Simplified Micro-Modelling 

Student: Nadia Rabie (M.Eng)

Supervisor: Dr Wibke De Villiers​