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Editors: GPAG van Zijl, V Slowik​
A Framework for Durability Design with Strain-Hardening​ Cement-Based Composites (SHCC)
Chapter 1 Introduction: Crack Distribution and Durability of SHCC, GPAG van Zijl, WP Boshoff, C Wagner, V Slowik
Chapter 2 Transfer of FLuids, Gases and Ions in and thourgh Cracked and Uncracked Composites, C Wagner, V Slowik, GPAG van Zijl, WP Boshoff, SC Paul, V Mechtcherine, K Kobayashi
2015Editor: SU Language Centre​Inaugural Lecture Prof WP Boshoff - Concrete Friend or Foe​Publisher: SUN MeDIA
​2010Editors: WP Boshoff and GPAG van ZijlAdvances of Cement-Based Materials, proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Concrete Materials, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2010​​​Publisher: CRC Press