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Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate studies at the UCM are offered in the form of a Master of Engineering (Research), leading to a M.Eng (Research) degree, or a Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), leading to a PhD degree. The Master's degree is only offered on a full-time basis. Here you can find out more about the UCM Masters Research Topics available for 2021, as well as the scholarships linked to each topic. To apply for a specific topic, email Prof Billy Boshoff. Please note, this is only the application for a topic, and not an official application for admission to postgraduate studies at Stellenbosch University. For more information regarding the Masters or PhD application and admission processes, tuition fees, etc., you are referred to our Department of Civil Engineeri​ng Prospective Postgraduate Studies ​site. ​

Vacation Training

The UCM typically accepts six to eight students for a four week vacation training internship during the winter holidays (June/July).  Only applicants willing to conduct four weeks of vacation training will be accepted. During the training students will mainly conduct work in the concrete and structural laboratory, although other aspects such as design and research may also be encountered. The internship is also an opportunity for students to complete the Vacation Training modules 244 or 342 that forms part of the undergraduate Civil Engineering degree. The application is open to all current 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Civil Engineering students at Stellenbosch University. Successful applicants will receive the following weekly payment: 2nd year (R 900 p/w), 3rd year (R 1000 p/w) and 4th year (R 1100 p/w).  However, given the current uncertainty around when access to the laboratories will be granted, applications for 2020 have been temporarily suspended. More information regarding the UCM and the type of work and research we conduct can be found on this website.

Undergraduate Studies

In terms of undergraduate modules, students studying Civil Engineering at Stellenbosch University have to complete a second year module called Building Materials which considers materials such as concrete, steel, wood, masonry and polymer composites. This module provides a foundation for further post-graduate studies at the UCM, although an advanced module that focusses on cement based materials is also given on a postgraduate level. An example of a practical exercise on self-compacting concrete that forms part of the Building Materials module can be seen in the video below.