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The Maritime, Ports, Transport & Logistics Academy offers short courses and management development programmes which are developed based on local and international curricula and ​best  practices tailored to the local situation in Southern Africa. To support this, we also provide technical assistance and research services. 

The Academy is a partnership between Stellenbosch University, Department of Logistics and STC International, Rotterdam. 

Stellenbosch University is recognised as a leading, research-driven higher education institution on the African continent, with research and innovation output characterised by excellence and relevance. 

STC International, a Netherlands based organisation, is a worldwide strategic combination of well-established education, training, research and consultancy that cover the entire shipping, port, transport, logistics chain and the port-related oil, chemical and offshore industry on a door-to-door basis. 

Our Academy contributes to the strengthening of the maritime, port, transport and logistics sectors and related industries by adding knowledge and support to enhance your competitive advantage and contributing to further ​socio-economic development. 

The vision of our Academy is to be recognized for our commitment to excellence in management development, knowledge transfer, technical assistance and research through the combination of international and South African expertise. We will contribute to the improvement of the operational  efficiency and competitiveness of transportation and logistics systems in Southern Africa.​


Our services


​​​​Technical assistance and research 

​The Academy provides technical assistance and research in the field of maritime, ports, transport and logistics according to your organisations’ strategic needs.


​​Short courses & programmes

We offer individual short courses as well as management development programmes with specific focus on Maritime, Ports, Transport and Logistics for the public and private sectors and entrepreneurs.​

​A total of 3 management development programmes are offered in Maritime & Shipping, Ports & Terminals and Transport & Logistics. These programmes consist of 8 short courses, of which 2 short courses are foundation courses and similar for all 3 industries. These courses are followed by 6 short courses specifically developed for  each of the industries. The Academy also offers a total of 15 elective courses.​​​​​

In addition, we can collaborate and jointly design short courses and/or programmes​ to align with your specific needs and strategic objectives.​​​

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Short courses are offered through different learning approaches (standard, e-lea​​rning and blended platforms) across Southern Africa, supported by a unique ​​combination of Dutch (Rotterdam) and South African expert facilitators.​

Upon successful completion of a short course and/or programme, a joint certificate from Stellenbosch University and STC International will be awarded.​​

Overview of ​​Course Schedule for 2019

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Upcoming​​ short courses

Rail Transport Economics & Management

(5th - 7th of March 2019)​ 

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Container Terminal Management

(9th - 11th of April 2019)

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​​Insights to Maritime, Ports, Transport and Logistics

(6th - 8th of May 2019)

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Intermodal Transport and Hinterland

(9th - 10th of May 2019) ​

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Port Management

(12th - 14th of June 2019)

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Transport & Logistics Decision Support

(16th - 18th of July 2019)

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South African Maritime Policies​

(20th - 22nd of August 2019)

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Shipping Economics

(16th - 18th of September 2019)

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Shipping Finance

(19th - 20th of September 2019)

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Port Security Management

(15th - 17th of October 2019)

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Warehouse Operations Management

(12th - 14th November 2019)

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Previous Short Courses

​​Insights to Maritime, Ports, Transport and Logistics: 5th - 7th of June 2018 ​ ​
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Port Development & Regionalization: 19th - 21st of June 2018​

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