Graduate School of Economic & Management Sciences
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GEM Scholars

​​​​​​​​​The Graduate School of Economic and Management Sciences views itself not only as an incubator of doctoral scholarship but also as the birthplace of a scholarly community that builds collabor​ative ties lasting beyond PhD completion. 

The programme at GEM is built on the concept of a collaborative cohort that forms a community from the first day that new PhDs arrive at Stellenbosch University. This cohort functions as a scholarly unit throughout the duration of the candidates PhD studies. GEM scholars also engage in a weekly seminar series that provides each candidate the opportunity of not only regular presentation of research findings, but also feedback from a group with diverse backgrounds and interests. 

The ties that are formed during these exchanges provide the cornerstones of a collaborative network that forms an integral part of any successful researcher's foundation.​​​ In addition, a platform for interdisciplanary exhange is provided that shapes well-rounded individuals that can contribute to answering the diverse questions that face academics and society today.