Historical Trauma and Transformation
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​​Studies in Historical Trauma and Transformation


Call for Applications:

Master's Scholarships                                                                         

    Deadline: Thursday 30 September 2021

The Chair in Studies in Historical Trauma and Tr​​ansformation at Stellenbosch                                      University invites applications for scholarships funded through the research                                          initiative Imagining Futures through Unarchived Pasts (“Imagining Futures"),                                          which is based at Exeter University in the UK. Two scholarships for full time                                        Masters Research in partnership with the Department of Visual Arts at                                            Stellenbosch University to be taken up at the beginning of the 2022 academic year                                        are available for two years of study. Successful applicants will also be provided                                            with funds to support study-related costs, such as research workshops, fieldwork                                   support and conference attendance. Studies in Historical Trauma and                                          Transformation and the Department of Visual Arts will be co-hosts for the                                          selected candidates with the Principal Investigator of the “Imagine Futures"                                          initiative at Exeter University as external advisor. The scholarship is specifically                                             for research that will lead to creating an archive, or new forms of engagement                                           with existing archives, and may be on topics in the following areas:​

                • Creative ways of using archives to engage with the past, including visual or arts-based                methodologies.
                • Digital engagement with narratives of violent historical pasts and archive-making.
                • Archiving the “unfinished business" of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
                • Imagining an archive of experiences of redress and setting a social justice agenda.
                • Stretching the meaning of archive to incorporate tangible and intangible materials and                           practices.
                • Explore how archival practices can create imaginaries and expose shared pasts as well as                      diversity, across deep and present time.

  Applicants are required to submit a short draft proposal with their application. To                                          be considered for the Master's scholarship, candidates should have received a                                      minimum average of 70% for all subjects at the Honours level. A key criterion for                              selection of students will be the fit between their interests and abilities and the                                                interest area described above. Demonstrable knowledge of qualitative research                                      methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences will be ascribed high importance. 

  The application deadline is 30 September 2021.

Application Procedure:

Submit your application via email to Dr. Samantha van Schalkwyk                                                    [samanthavs@sun.ac.za] with the following information:

                1. A letter of motivation explaining why you are interested in the scholarship.
                2. A short draft research proposal (1500 words maximum) outlining the                                                                 proposed research project.
                  • The proposal must include a reference list/bibliography of no more                                                             than a page long.
                  • A cover page should include the proposed title of your project and                                                              your full name.
                1. A copy of your Honours thesis. If you have not graduated, we require                                                              proof of expected graduation. Acceptable documents that you can submit                                                        with your application: A letter from your university's Office of the                                                                    Registrar written on university letterhead or a letter from your supervisor                                                          stating that your name is on the list of students who will graduate before                                                          the start of the 2022 academic year.
                2. Your CV, indicating your Date of Birth, year you completed your                                                                       Honours, and the names and contact information of two academic                                                                   referees.
                3. Copies of all official academic records (certified copies).


 Email enquiries for more information about the scholarships may be sent to                                                               Dr. Samantha van Schalkwyk at samanthavs@sun.ac.za with the following subject                                                     title written in capital letters: MASTER'S SCHOLARSHIP ENQUIRY 2022.

 Closing Date: Thursday 30 September 2021



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