Historical Trauma and Transformation
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Legacies of Dehumanisation Colloquium


“Legacies of Dehumanisation" is a collaboration between Studies in Historical Trauma and Transformation, the Chair of Political Science, Church-State Relations and the Sociology of Religion at the Russian Orthodox University of St John the Divine, Professor Anastasia Mitrofanova, and the Director of the Institute for the Academic Study of Eastern Christianity (INaSEC) at Vrije University, Amsterdam, Professor Katya Tolstaya. The project is part of the South Africa/Russia Bilateral initiative funded by the National Research Foundation in South Africa, and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in Russia.

On July 13-14, 2020, the First International Roundtable Exploring Legacies of Dehumanisation in the two countries was organised by Professor Anastasia Mitrofanova and Professor Katya Tolstaya.

The link to the virtual roundtable event appears below:

The Second International Roundtable titled “The Aesthetics of Cruelty: Aesthetics of Cruelty: Perspectives and Critical Reflections on Representations of Dehumanisation in Russia and South Africa" will be organised by Historical Trauma and Transformation and held on 9 and 10th December 2020.