Viticulture & Oenology
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The DVO is led by a management team comprising of academics specialising in viticulture and oenology. Also involved in training and research activities are part-time and extra-ordinary academics, as well as researchers. They are well supported by excellent technical and administrative staff. All courses are taught by globally recognised ​experts in their respective fields. Subject areas covered for viticulture include plant management (long- and short-term practices), physiology, morphology, remote sensing, table grape production as well as grapevine architecture and alternative trellis systems. Water use efficiency and sustainable practices are also receiving increasing attention in teaching and research. In oenology, areas of expertise include wine microbiology, spoilage of wine, aroma production during alcoholic and malo-lactic  fermentation; wine faults, chemical contaminants and wine aging. Wine sensory evaluation is also ​covered thoroughly in the oenology lectures.​