Viticulture & Oenology
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Graduate Attributes

​​In order to fulfill these requirements, our graduates display the following professional characteristics: 


  • Possess the necessary knowledge of the applicable sciences, and understand the interaction between the biological and abiotic factors in the environment and the basic principles of research methodology 
  • Possess the ability to create new knowledge, generate ideas and act innovatively 
  • Possess the ability to function efficiently in an interdisciplinary environment 
  • Understand sustainable development and sustainable resource management 
  • Make knowledgeable decisions on the basis of proven information
  • Follow a systems approach in the analysis of and approach to environmental problems 

Attitude and disposition 

  • Show respect for the environment and those who use it 
  • Acknowledge own limitations in knowledge and skills 
  • Have a positive disposition to continuous professional development 
  • Are involved in and render service to the broader community 
  • Set a positive example with regard to social responsibilities and obligations 
  • Accept and strive for the highest standards of knowledge


  • Possess the ability to gather knowledge, integrate it, interpret and apply it and to think and act in a problem-solving manner 
  • Communicate effectively with role players from different environments and backgrounds 
  • Possess sufficient skills to function as scientists, whether independently or in team context 
  • Can interpret and utilise relevant subject literature 
  • Possess the ability to efficiently utilise suitable resources and means in the working environment ​