Plant Pathology
Welcome to Stellenbosch University
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the
Department of Plant Pathology

Stellenbosch University!

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The Department of Plant Pathology has a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to research and training, and make use of the latest technologies in order to reduce the impact of pathogens on plants, and to increase resistance in plants. Conventional and molecular techniques are used to control plant pathogens, that are a threat to local crops and export markets, in a sustainable and economical way. Students are trained in the detection, characterisation and epidemiology of plant pathogens, and in the use of integrated disease control strategies to control these pathogens. Research programmes on diseases of grapes and deciduous fruit, are solidly established in the department, while research projects on diseases of citrus, vegetables and cereal crops are more recently introduced in the department.

Vision and mission

To be nationally and internationally recognised as an academic department of quality training and research in Plant Pathology by

  • creating an environment which supports and encourages the development and productivity of students and staff members;
  • establishing and maintaining alliances with industry through strategically focussed research programmes and service delivery, and
  • fostering national and international collaborations for innovative and cutting-edge research aimed at sustainable food production.

The last day for accepting samples in the Plant Disease Clinic is 8 December 2020 and samples will then again be accepted from 18 January 2021.  We hope you’ll have a wonderful festive season and thank you for your loyal support during 2020.

All samples to be submitted by 12:00 pm from Monday - Friday.  All safety protocols have been put in place.  Please stay safe, stay healthy and let’s avoid the spread of Covid-19.