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Scientific articles for 2016-2018: (Publications 1921 - 2018)

  1. Beukes, I., Rose, L.J., Van Coller, G.J. & Viljoen, A.  2018.  Disease development and mycotoxin production by the Fusarium graminearum species complex associated with South African maize and wheat.  European Journal of Plant Pathology (Only on-line at the moment).
  2. Kellerman, M., Liebenberg, E., Njombolwana, N., Erasmus, A. & Fourie, P.H.  2018.  Postharvest dip, drench and wax coating application of pyrimethanil on citrus fruit: Residue loading and green mould control.  Crop Protection 103: 115-129.
  3. McLeod, A., Masikane, S.L., Novela, P., Ma, J., Mohale, P., Nyoni, M., Stander, M., Wessels, J.P.B. & Pieterse, P.  2018.  Quantification of root phosphite concentrations for evaluating the potential of foliar phosphonate sprays for the management of avocado root rot.  Crop Protection 103: 87-97.
  4. Moyo, P., Mostert, L., Spies, C.F.J., Damm, U. & Halleen, F.  2018.  Diversity of Diatrypaceae species associated with dieback of grapevines in South Africa, with the description of Eutypa cremea sp. nov.  Plant Disease (in press).
  5. Spies, C.F.J., Moyo, P., Halleen, F. & Mostert, L.  2018.  Phaeoacremonium species diversity on woody hosts in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.  Persoonia 40: 26-62.
  6. Rossouw, C.J., Fourie, P.H., Van Zyl, J.G., Hoffman, J.E. & McLeod, A.  2018.  Rainfastness of mancozeb on apple seedlings determined through deposition quantification of mancozeb residue and a fluorescent pigment.  Crop Protection 106: 93-102.
  7. Aguayo, J., Mostert, D., Fourrier-Jeandel, C., Cerf-Wendling, I., Hostachy, B., Viljoen, A. & Ioos, R.  2017.  Development of a hydrolysis probe-based real-time assay for the detection of tropical strains of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense race 4.  Plos One 12(2): e0171767. Doi 10.1371/journal.pone.0171767: 1-20.
  8. Beukes, I., Rose, L.J., Shephard, G.S., Flett, B.C. & Viljoen, A.  2017.  Mycotoxigenic Fusarium species associated with grain crops in South Africa – A review.  South African Journal of Science 113 (3/4): 1-12.
  9. Carlucci, A., Lops, F., Mostert, L., Halleen, F. & Raimondo, M.L.  2017.  Occurrence fungi causing black foot on young grapevines and nursery rootstock plants in Italy.  Phytopathologia Mediterranea 56 (1): 10-39.
  10. Carstens, E., Linde, C.C., Slabbert, R., Miles, A.K., Donovan, N.J., Li, H., Zhang, K., Dewdney, M.M., Rollins, J.A., Glienke, C., Schutte, G.C., Fourie, P.H. & McLeod, A.  2017.  A global perspective on the population structure and reproductive system of Phyllosticta citricarpaPhytopathology 107: 758-768.
  11. Fan, X.L., Barreto, R.W., Groenewald, J.Z., Bezerra, J.D.P., Pereira, O.L., Cheewangkoon, R., Mostert, L., Tian, C.M. & Crous, P.W.  2017.  Phylogeny and taxonomy of the scab and spot anthracnose fungus Elsinoë (Myriangiales, Dothideomycetes).  Studies in Mycology 87: 1-41.
  12. Fourie, P.H., Schutte, G.C., Carstens, E., Hattingh, V., Paul, I., Magarey, R.D., Gottwald, T.R., Yonow, T. & Kriticos, D.J.  2017.  Scientific critique of the paper: "Climatic distribution of citrus black spot caused by Phyllosticta citricarpa.  A historical analysis of disease spread in South Africa" by Martínez-Minaya et al. (2015).  European Journal of Plant Pathology 148: 497-502.
  13. Guarnaccia, V., Groenewald, J.Z., Li, H., Glienke, C., Carstens, E., Hattingh, V. Fourie, P.H. & Crous, P.W.  2017.  First report of Phyllosticta citricarpa and description of two new species, P. paracapitalensis and P. paracitricarpa, from citrus in Europe.  Studies in Mycology 87: 161-185.
  14. Jensen, T., Beukes, I., Mostert, L. & Coertze, S.  2017.  First report of white rust on Lampranthus sp. caused by Albugo trianthemae in South Africa.  Plant Disease 101 (1): 260.
  15. Kellerman, M., McLeod, A., Beukes, I., Rose, L., Erasmus, A. & Fourie, P.H.  2017.  Classification of imazalil resistance in an international collection of Penicillium digitatum isolates.  Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 39 (2): 133-137.
  16. Koopman, T.A., Meitz-Hopkins, J.C., Bester-van der Merwe, A.E., Tobutt, K.R., Bester, C. & Lennox, C.L.  2017.  Genetic diversity and gene flow of four South African Venturia inaequalis (apple scab) populations.  Phytopathology 107 (4): 455-462.
  17. Mbili, N.C., Opara, U.L., Lennox, C.L. & Vries, F.A.  2017.  Citrus and lemongrass essential oils inhibit Botrytis cinerea on 'Golden Delicious', 'Pink Lady' and 'Granny Smith' apples.  Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection 124: 499-511.
  18. McLeod, A., Masimba, T., Jensen, T., Serfontein, K. & Coertze, S.  2017.  Evaluating spray programs for managing copper resistant Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato populations on tomato in the Limpopo region of South Africa.  Crop Protection 102: 32-42.
  19. Mostert, D., Molina, A.B., Daniells J., Fourie, G., Hermanto, C., Chao, C-P., Fabregar, E., Sinohin, V.G., Masdek, N., Thangavelu, R., Li, C., Yi, G., Mostert, L. & Viljoen, A.  2017.  The distribution and host range of the banana Fusarium wilt fungus, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense, in Asia.  PLoS One 12 (7): e0181630.
  20. Moyo, P., Mostert, L. & Halleen, F.  2017.  First report of Cryptosphaeria multicontinentalis associated with dieback and canker of poplar in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.  Plant Disease 101: 1051.
  21. Munhuweyi, K., Caleb, O.J., Lennox, C.L., Van Reenen, A.J. & Opara, U.L.  2017.  In vitro and in vivo antifungal activity of chitosan-essential oils against pomegranate fruit pathogens.  Postharvest Biology and Technology 129: 9-22.
  22. Munhuweyi, K., Lennox, C.L., Meitz-Hopkins, J.C., Caleb, O.J., Sigge, G.O. & Opara, U.L.  2017.  Investigating the effects of crab shell chitosan on fungal mycelial growth and postharvest quality attributes of pomegranate whole fruit and arils.  Scientia Horticulturae 220: 78-89.
  23. Mutawila, C., Stander, C., Halleen, F., Vivier, M.A. & Mostert, L.  2017.  Response of Vitis vinifera cell cultures to Eutypa lata and Trichoderma atroviride culture filtrates: expression of defence-related genes and phenotypes.  Protoplasma 254: 863-879.
  24. Ncube, E., Flett, B.C., Van den Berg, J., Erasmus, A. & Viljoen, A.  2017.  The effect of Busseola fusca infestation, fungal inoculation and mechanical wounding on Fusarium ear rot development and fumonisin production in maize.  Crop Protection 99: 177-183.
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  28. Venter, E., Lennox, C.L. & Meitz-Hopkins, J.C.  2017.  First report of Cytospora punicae causing post-harvest fruit rot on pomegranate in South Africa.  Plant Disease 101: 631.
  29. Beukes, I., Jensen, T. & Coertze, S.  2016.  First report of Ramularia collo-cygni infecting barley in South Africa.  Journal of Plant Pathology 98 (2): 376.
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