Institute for Plant Biotechnology
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Research Facilities

The Institute has well-equipped biotechnology laboratories and tissue-culture and greenhouse facilities. Our laboratories are stocked with the general and specialised equipment necessary for molecular biology experiments, including the basics such as PCR machines, shakers, incubators, cold rooms, autoclaves, gel documentation stations, centrifuges and pH meters etc. Our tissue-culture facilities include sterile laminar flow benches and a dark and light growth room.

Plants are grown in specialised growth chambers with controlled temperature, humidity and photoperiods. In addition to the greenhouse, temperature-controlled growth rooms and growth tunnels on Stellenbosch University's experimental farm, Welgevallen, are available for conducting growth experiments and housing genetically modified plants.

The facilities at the IPB are registered by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries under the Genetically Modified Organisms Act 1997, registration number 39.2-Stellenbosch University-4/022, containment level one.