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Because of the interdisciplinary nature of biotechnology, postgraduate students with diverse academic backgrounds, such as plant sciences, biochemistry, microbiology and genetics, are accepted at BSc Honours level. Students can also enrol for master's or doctoral studies in plant biotechnology, during which time they will form an integral part of our research programme.


BSc Honours

Course Overview

The honours programme is designed to provide students with career-oriented training, which should enable them to work as biotechnologists. Our students learn to read and think critically and synthetically, ask scientific questions and communicate formally and informally (verbally and in writing). They will apply scientific methods, gather information from literature and process that information, learn to communicate in the scientific community, master the technical skills necessary for working in the field of biotechnology, and plan and conduct, evaluate and report research.

The following modules form part of the BSc Honours degree in biotechnology: Molecular Techniques, Plant Physiology, Integrated Plant Metabolism, Bioinformatics and Plant Genomics. Students are also expected to complete a project in plant biotechnology independently, under the supervision of an academic staff member.