(for students who are not registered for any degree in 2020 and therefore currently in grade 12)

Online application for undergraduate studies at Stellenbosch University opens on 1 March 2020 and closes on 30 June 2020.

The BDatSci programme is currently for approval at SAQA. This means that the University may not officially advertise it and will therefore not appear as an option for 2021 on the Online Registration/Application portal - it will not be one of the options to choose from during the application process. However, we will be able to offer BDatSci in 2021 by letting prospective students apply for the BCom Mathematical Sciences degree programme under the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.

The process is as follows:

All prospective BDatSci students should apply for the BCom Mathematical Sciences programme, which is a degree programme in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (not a BSc or any other degree in other faculties).

All students who apply for BCom Mathematical Sciences will be followed-up during 2020 and informed continuously about the SAQA approval.

Once SAQA approval is granted, the prospective students will be offered the opportunity to change their applications to BDatSci (with the focal area).

Furthermore, all prospective students should also submit their contact details under the Contact us link above.

After the application process has closed, students with the required minimum requirements based on grade 11 marks,  will receive a letter stating that they have been provisionally accepted for BCom Mathematical Sciences degree, with an option to register for BDatSci degree in 2021 provided they have met the minimum grade 12 requirements.


Students who are currently registered for any degree at Stellenbosch University will not be allowed to do any of the BDatSci modules in advance if these modules are not currently an option in your current degree. Specifically, no student will be allowed to register for Data Science 141 in the second semester of 2020, except the B.ENG (E&E) students with specialist area Data Engineering. It further means that no current module can be replaced or deregistered in order to fit the profile of a proposed BDatSci in 2021 - if the deregistered module is one of the required modules for your current degree, you need to complete the year with that module. BDatSci will be phased-in from 2021, and no module in this programme will be offered prior (before or in advance) to the intended year of offering. Students who wish to apply for BDatSci in 2021 can do so at the end of the year, after completing the full first year. The Grade 12 minimum entry requirements still applies.


If the SAQA ID is awarded and BDatSci is approved before January 2021, students will then register for the BDatSci programme in one of the four participating faculties, provided they qualify with minimum requirements.

If the SAQA ID is only awarded during the 2021 academic year, the students will remain in the BCom Mathematical Sciences programme until such time that they can officially change to the BDatSci programme. Students will be able to register for all the modules in a particular focal area of BDatSci in 2021, but part of BCom Mathematical Sciences programme, a process that will be administered manually. See the first year modules for each focal area of BDatSci at the Focal area link above.

Note: Students who apply for BCom Actuarial Science will also be contacted to offer them the opportunity to apply for BDatSci, once SAQA approved it. BCom Actuarial Science and BDatSci share the same minimum grade 12 requirements.