Martial Arts 

Tai Chi (太极)

Tai Chi is a traditional martial arts form that demands a specific skill set and focused attention. Emphasizing correct posture and precise breathing control, the movements flow gracefully and maintain a harmonious balance. In our contemporary, stress-laden lives, the mental relaxation and physical strengthening fostered by Tai Chi prove invaluable.

Regardless of age, gender, physical strength, or weight, Tai Chi offers benefits for everyone. Practiced with a deliberate, unhurried pace, one can feel the subtle presence of the air while moving through the forms. Simultaneously, practitioners experience the rhythmic progression of the practice.

Tai Chi encapsulates the world of Yin and Yang, connecting individuals with nature and relaxation. We invite you to join us and integrate Tai Chi into your future lifestyle!

Since 2022, CISU has welcomed a new Tai Chi instructor from China, Mr. Yang Jia, who provides complimentary Tai Chi lessons at the SU. In collaboration with some Chinese college students, we have created a brief video introducing Chinese Tai Chi. Take a moment to watch and find inspiration!

For those interested in attending Tai Chi classes, please contact us at

Tues & Thu 17:10 - 18:10​

Department of Forestry and Wood Science, Paul Sauer Building, Bosman St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7599​


Registration & Material fee amounts to R300 per semester.​ Tuition is Free.​

Registration process
  1. Join the WhatsApp group provided below​ and provide admin your name and surname. 


    2.   When indicated, make payment to:​
          ​ Account holder: University of Stellenbosch, 
           Bank: Standard Bank
           Account number: 073006955, 
           Branch code: 050610,
           Swift code : SBZAZAJJ​

           Reference: ​R5533-COUR-5597 + your Surname​​

  3. Upload proof of payment (POP) to:

You can find us at the address below:

115 Banghoek Rd, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7600