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​​​​​​​​​​At CHS, we pursue translational research efforts that positively influence the health, performance and wellbeing of SU students and staff. Our specific research interests include the assessment and management of sports-related concussion, the secondary prevention of chronic disease of lifestyle, as well as interesting or unusual medical case studies. 

Our main research​ affiliate and institutional partner is the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine (ISEM). Additionally we collaborate with a number of other key internal role players, including: Maties Sport​, SU Human Resources​, The Centre for Student Counselling & Development​, The Biomedical Engineering Research Group and InnovUS. Furthermore, we foster various strategic relationships with other external role players who have a similar vision and research direction (e.g. distinguished national and international universities).

All of our studies are required to pass a rigorous ethical screening process controlled by University's local Health Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Thereafter, projects also need to receive institutional permission as well as clearance from any other institutional governing bodies if relevant (e.g. Maties Sport etc.). 

For more information on any of our ethically approved research studies, or if you would like to view our recent publications or volunteer as a research participant, please click on the relevant links listed below: