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Billing & Payments


Non-medical aid members:

Private accounts are payable within 30 days.


Medical aid members:

Each medical aid has their own terms and conditions with regards to specific plans and option.  

Some require a co-payment and others require an authorisation number.

It is the responsibility of the patient/member to familiarise themselves with these conditions and comply accordingly.

Most claims are claimed electronically; however, the responsibility lies with the patient/member to ensure claims reach their medical aids for payment within the required allowed time.


International medical insurance members:

Consultations are C.O.D.  We will provide the necessary documentation for you to claim from your insurance.

Travel consultations

Appointments:                 20-minute appointment

Consultation Fee:            There is a nominal fee payable for this consultation.  

Please enquire at our reception for more information.     ​

Payment methods:

We do accept the following forms of payments:

    • Cash
    • Card (Visa / Master Card)
    • EFT  - electronic funds transfer

Bank details:

Name of account:           Stellenbosch University

Bank:                                 Standard Bank

Branch code:                    050610

Account number:            073006955

Payment reference:        Your Medical​ Account number attained from your account – Top Right Corner

EFT Payments:

Stellenbosch University is listed as a public recipient. When creating us as a beneficiary, follow these steps:

1. Select Payments > Pay Beneficiary and "Add new beneficiary"

2. Under Public/Business Directory, enter beneficiary name: Univ Stel General

You will have a few options: (Univ Stel General, Univ Stel Student fees, Univ Stel Debtors). Select Student fees only if General/Algemeen is not available (the options differ from bank to bank)

3. Beneficiary/ Recipient reference: Your Medical​ Account number attained from your account – Top Right Corner

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