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Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

​I phoned both numbers provided on the website at 13h30 on a Friday with no answer. 

Answer the phoneNicole Holm072 492 3080YesRemuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
7/19/2024 13:35132
Service needs improvement\Diens moet verbeter

​I sent an email for assistance with processing a claim for my benefits and have not yet received an response nor can I get a response via telephone as it is unavailable. 

Good day,

I am writing to request assistance with documentation for my current UIF application. I have been notified to request the 

UI - 19 form from the university for the remuneration I received as a Cluster Convener in 2018. 


I was a convener for amaMaties under Benita Van Zyl, and my full name is Gugulethu Resha - ID no. 9610150117080.

 Please advise.​

N/AGugulethu Resha0603358066YesRemuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
4/22/2024 13:49131
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

​Both your client services numbers to call are down extensions 2484 and 2753. I've had an online requirest that I logged over week ago and it is still not resolved. I've spent over 30 min phoning different departments to try and get a working number for HR with no luck. This is annaceptable

CAN'T GET HOLD OF ANYONE THIS IS THE PROBLEM!Kerry Jones0723041474YesOther \ Ander
10/17/2023 14:35130
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

​I have been asking for an IRP5 since 15 September and 10 August ​2023 and have not yet received a reply. 

Mev WilliamsJohn Measey2385YesRemuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
9/29/2023 15:30129
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

​I have been struggling with the irecruitment website  all dayand cannot complete my application due to the inability of anyone to assist via email or the telephone. 

I have been trying to telephonically trying to get someone to assist all day, I have also been trying to get someone to assist via email. 

I either get an error that my email address which is already inputted is invalid or that my education history inout is incorrect which it is not.

The inability to complete the form, will further impact my application. I have already sent two emails.

None because no one answered or responded yetNikita0832339771YesRecruitment \ Werwing
3/1/2023 15:54128
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

My practitioner - Andisa Dlakavu has been non-responsive. I called last Friday 27 Jan to follow up on emails I sent to him and sun-ehr email. but was told Andisa will call me back, all my contact details was taken. Today (30 Jan)I call again and was told Andisa is not my practitioner an I need to contact Nuraan Behardien. I spoke with Ricardo who was somewhat helpful but I still needed the contact details for Nuraan and Gail Hendricks.

I resigned on 25 January and need help with leave pay out process and pension transfer. 
It is so frustrating to not have a responsive and central place to find the information needed. 

Gadija Khan0812711126YesRemuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
1/30/2023 21:18127
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

​I recently started working at SU on the 15th November 2021. I was told by my manager to do a performance evaluation in January the following year (2022). The scores from this performance evaluation was to be sent to the HR practioner in charge (Mr Andisa Dlakavu) and these were to be uploaded onto SUN-e-HR. It's almost a year now since starting and these scores have still not been uploaded onto my profile. This has not only happened to myself but to my colleague as well, and she has been employed for more than a year. 

Andisa DlakavuCharné Dixon0832926173YesHuman Resources \ Menslike Hulpbronne
11/4/2022 10:55126
Service needs improvement\Diens moet verbeter

Good day,

Could you please advise if you have received my application for the job with the Ref. KB/135/0522. I applied through the university website a few times last night but the job has remained in my job basket and is not listed under Jobs applied for tab. ​

Jobs portalMargaux0791658843NoRecruitment \ Werwing
6/5/2022 15:11125
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

I am a postgraduate student in the History department, and I was a tutor in 2022 for the same department. I did not receive financial remuneration for my services at the end of last year, and I would like to query this. However, I am uncertain of who to contact. I have spoken to the staff members in my department, and they stated that the amount owed was paid into my account, but the payment, which was a lump sum, does not reflect on my bank statements. Steinke0838838822YesRemuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
5/24/2022 11:28124
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

​no-one answers the phone, the Oracle system does not work, and I cannot download my payslips for a bond application at the bank.

Lize van Robbroeck0823199991YesRemuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
4/14/2022 10:34123
Exceptional service rendered\Uitsonderlike diens gelewer

​Dear HR

I submitted my application and struggling to load my details to register for a vacancy 

enquiries . NW07/057/0322) Caesar0747694363NoHuman Resources \ Menslike Hulpbronne
3/18/2022 12:51122
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

It is important to reply to emails. Even if you are unable to service a request immediately, it is really very unprofessional to simply ignore emails. A short reply to say that the email was received, and a timeframe for when to expect a reply, is the international norm.; \ Ander
2/24/2022 11:03121
Exceptional service rendered\Uitsonderlike diens gelewer

​The system says i have 28 days but when i try to apply for leave of absence it says i do not have enough days. Can you kindly assist. My staff number is 24604798.

Nosikhumbuzo Mhlaba0764047227YesOther \ Ander
12/13/2021 13:09120
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

I enquired about the requirements etc. for sabbatical leave and early retirement.  I waited almost a month for a response and only got one after I resent the first email.  The person most obviously did not read the question at hand and simply forwarded documents to me - the one being a notice of retirement.  I asked for information - could it really be so difficult?   I requested information.  There should be a guideline on who qualifies, what is needed, what are the implications etc etc etc.  This person had no desire to help at all and I am deeply disappointed in her. Pieterse0785544770YesClient Service Centre \ Klientedienssentrum
8/20/2021 12:10119
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

​Die telefoonnommer vir julle HR afdeling werk al vir weke nie.  Belaglik!

Niemand nie want niemand andtwoord die telefoon nie.Anna-Mart le Roux0834142492NoRemuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
8/17/2021 12:51118
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens


i want to add my personal information and my states , i can not do it online and there is no one is picking up the phone. while this this guys are working from home , since january iv tryied . please guys if you working from home why dnt pick up the phone? how are we going to get help.

the HR number is DIVETED TO THIS CELL PHONE NUMBER  0676479027Yanga Mgijima0710886048YesRemuneration, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
2/24/2021 13:08117
Service needs improvement\Diens moet verbeter

​Ek het geen duidelike riglyne ontvang oor hoe om aansoek te doen vir kraamverlof nadat ek navraag gedoen het spesifiek oor die proses nie. Ek is verwys na HR se webblad (waar ek die verlof aansoek vorm gekry het) en die 'benefits policy' waar die proses glad nie uiteengesit word nie.  Nadat ek die vorm voltooi en aan my departement hoof gestuur het, was ek onder die indruk dat my verlof goedgekeur is net om 4 dae voor aanvang van my verlof uit te vind dat dit nie die geval is nie. Ek beveel aan dat die proses duidelik omskryf moet word ten minste op die aansoek vorm. 

Leana de, Benefits and Administration \ Vergoeding, Voordele en Administrasie
7/28/2020 16:40116
Exceptional service rendered\Uitsonderlike diens gelewer

​My pa is verlede jaar in Oktober oorlede. My ma moet 'n deel van sy pensioen ontvang. Ongeag vele versoeke, het my ma nog niks ontvang nie. Sy is geheel en al afhanklik van daardie betaling. Hoekom sloer dit so? Gee asb vir ons die naam en nommer van die persoon met wie ons moet praat, want ons kry geen antwoord op die eposse wat gestuur is in hierdie verband nie. My pa was David Frederick Walters en sy pensioennommer is CP500862A1

Hette-Lize Marhslla Geb Walters \ Ander
3/25/2020 16:01115
Unacceptable service\Onaanvaarbare diens

​Telephone rang incessantly and was not responded to 

Trying to submit an application for a position and cannot enter details of employment - have now tried to submit this application for the past 3 days!

Never got to speak to a human being B Pretorius041-5042687NoHuman Resources: Satellite Campuses \ Menslike Hulpbronne: Sateliet Kampusse
11/15/2019 9:50114