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Stellenbosch Laser Student Chapter



The Stellenbosch Laser Student Chapter (SLSC) is made up of postgraduate students at the Laser Reasearch Institute (LRI) and was founded in 2008 at Stellenbosch University. We joined Optica ( Formerly the Optical Society of America (OSA)) in the same year and became affiliated with the international society for optics and photonics (SPIE) in 2010.


One of the key focuses of this chapter is to participate in community outreach in the form of youth science education and community education.  In collaboration with the LRI's existing  outreach program we wish to promote optics and assist teachers with optical experiments in the classroom.


We are perfectly geared to visit your schoo​l and we can demonstrate a variety of fun and interactive optical experiments for learners.

To enquire if we can visit your school contact us HERE​. Additionally we take part in a travelling lecturer program and we would be glad to hear from any speakers wanting to visit Stellenbosch, South Africa.