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​​Doctoral completed

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HAYWARD S. An investigation into the effects of lipoxygenase activity in dough used during the manufacturing of bread. PhD, 2017. 152 pp. Promotor: SWART P. Medepromotor: CILLIERS FP.

LE MAITRE NC. Phylogenetics of the genus Erica and anthocyanin synthesis gene expression in Erica plukenetii. PhD, 2017. 220 pp. Promotor: BELLSTEDT DU. Medepromotor: Pirie M.

SERGEANT CA. The influence of Sutherlandia frutescens on adrenal steroid hormones and downstream receptor interactions. PhD, 2017. 217 pp. Promotor: SWART AC. Medepromotor: AFRICANDER DJ.

TSHILILO NO. Engineering and application of glycosidase-derived biocatalysts in the study of mycothiol pathway enzymes. PhD, 2017. 187 pp. Promotor: STRAUSS E. Medepromotor: Moracci M.

WILKINSON L. Homologous down-regulation of the glucocorticoid receptor is influenced by the dimerization state of the receptor. PhD, 2017. 272 pp. Promotor: LOUW A. Medepromotor: VERHOOG NJD.


CHRISTENSEN C. Development of an Integrated Metabolic Analysis Toolbox. PhD, 2016. 190 pp. Promotor: ROHWER JM. Medepromotor: HOFMEYR JS.

DE BEER DM. A high rate biofilm contact reactor for winery wastewater treatment. PhD, 2016. 186 pp. Promotor: CLOETE TE. Medepromotor: SWART P.

GOOSEN R. A comparative analysis of CoA biosynthesis in selected organisms: a metabolite study. PhD, 2016. 174 pp. Promotor: STRAUSS E. Medepromotor: SNOEP JL.

LOOTS R. Biofilms as multifunctional surface coatings and adaptive systems: a biomimetic approach. PhD, 2016. 210 pp. Promotor: CLOETE TE. Medepromotor: SWART P.

VOSLOO JA. Optimised bacterial production and characterisation of natural antimicrobial peptides with potential application in agriculture . PhD, 2016. 239 pp. Promotor: RAUTENBACH M. Medepromotor: SNOEP JL


CILLIERS FP. A biochemical study of the effect of ultraviolet treatment on bovine milk and Cheddar cheese. PhD(Bioch), 2015. 260 pp. Promotor: SWART P. Medepromotor: GOUWS PA.

DU TOIT F. Modeling glycolysis in Plasmodium-infected erythrocytes. PhD(Bioch), 2015. 202 pp. Promotor: SNOEP JL.

MOOLMAN WJA. Coenzyme A biosynthesis and Coenzyme A-dependent redox processes as targets for anti-staphylococcal drug development. PhD(Bioch), 2015. 149 pp. Promotor: STRAUSS E.

SCHLOMS L. The inhibition of adrenal steroidogenic enzymes and modulation of glucocorticoid levels in vitro and in vivo by Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos). PhD(Bioch), 2015. 122 pp. Promotor: SWART AC. Medepromotor: STORBECK K, SMITH C.

WIUM M. The development of a DNA vaccine against Mycoplasma nasistruthionis sp. nov. for use in ostriches. PhD(Bioch), 2015. 271 pp. Promotor: BOTES A. Medepromotor: BELLSTEDT DU.


LEUSSA AN-N. Characterisation of small cyclic peptides with antilisterial and antimalarial activity. PhD(Bioch), 2014. 295 pp. Promotor: Rautenbach M.

MACUAMULE C. Coenzyme A biosynthesis and utilization in Plasmodium falciparum: drug targets for antimalarial chemotherapy. PhD(Bioch), 2014. 178 pp. Promotor: Strauss E. Medepromotor: Saliba KJ.

TROSKIE AM. Tyrocidines, cyclic decapeptides produced by soil bacilli, as potent inhibitors of fungal pathogens. PhD(Bioch), 2014. 215 pp. Promotor: Rautenbach M.

VISSER JAK. Phytoestrogenic extracts of Cyclopia modulate molecular targets involved in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. PhD(Bioch), 2014. 253 pp. Promotor: Louw A.


BURGER H-M. Altered lipid metabolism as a possible mechanism in fumonisin-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in rats and investigations into risk assessment in humans. PhD(Bioch), 2013. 353 pp. Promotor: Gelderblom WCA. Medepromotor: Swart P.

EICHER JJ. Understanding glycolysis in Escherichia coli: A systems approach using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. PhD(Bioch), 2013. 197 pp. Promotor: Rohwer JM. Medepromotor: Snoep JL.

LOUW R. A study of the molecular mechanism of progestin-induced regulation of IL-12 and IL-10 and implications for HIV pathogenesis. PhD(Bioch), 2013. 215 pp. Promotor: Africander D. Medepromotor: Hapgood JP.

MAGCWEBEBA T. Chemopreventive properties of South African herbal teas, Rooibos, (Aspalathus linearis) and Honeybush (Cyclopia spp): Mechanism against skin carcinogenesis. PhD(Bioch), 2013. 269 pp. Promotor: Gelderblom WCA. Medepromotor: Joubert E, Swart P.

PALM DC. The regulatory design of glycogen metabolism in mammalian skeletal muscle. PhD(Bioch), 2013. 285 pp. Promotor: Hofmeyr J-HS. Medepromotor: Rohwer JM.

PENKLER G. A kinetic model of glucose catabolism in Plasmodium falciparum. PhD(Bioch), 2013. 196 pp. Promotor: Snoep JL, Westerhoff H V. Medepromotor: Rautenbach M.​


ABRIE JA. Investigation of the structural and fundtional diversity of phoshopantothenoylcysteine decarboxylases. PhD(Bioch), 2012. 164 pp. Promotor: Strauss E.

GOOSEN P. The influence of 3âHSD on adrenal steroidogenesis and the facors which influecne its activity. PhD(Bioch), 2012. 135 pp. Promotor: Swart P. Medepromotor: Swart AC.

HOUGH D. Comparison of two CYP17 isoforms: impllications for cortisol production in the South African Merino. PhD(Bioch), 2012. 154 pp. Promotor: Swart P. Medepromotor: Cloete SWP.

MFA MEZUI A. The effect of ultraviolet-C treatment on the biochemical composition of beer. PhD(Bioch), 2012. 186 pp. Promotor: Swart P. Medepromotor: Rautenbach M.

VISSER JC. A study of the strain evolution and recombination of South African isolates of Potato virus Y. PhD(Bioch), 2012. 180 pp. Promotor: Bellstedt DU.


AKHURST TJ. Symbolic control analysis of cellular systems. PhD(Bioch), 2011. 193 pp. Promotor: Rohwer JM. Medepromotor: Hofmeyr J-HS.

EYÉGHÉ-BIKONG HA. Role of surfactin from Bacillus subtilis in protection against antimicrobial peptides produced by Bacillus species. PhD(Bioch), 2011. 239 pp. Promotor: Rautenbach M.

ROBERTSON S. Receptor concentration affects glucocorticoid action. PhD(Bioch), 2011. 200 pp. Promotor: Louw A. Medepromotor: Hapgood JP.​


AFRICANDER D. Comparative study of the molecular mechanism of action of the synthetic progestins, Medroxyprogesterone acetate and Norethisterone acetate. PhD(Bioch), 2010. 113 pp. Promotor: Hapgood JP. Medepromotor: Louw A.

MALHERBE CJ. Control Analysis of Mixed Populations of Gluconobacter oxydans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PhD(Bioch), 2010. 123 pp. Promotor: Snoep JL. Medepromotor: Rohwer JM.

SPATHELF B. Qualitative structure-activity relationships of the major tyrocidines, cyclic decapeptides from Bacillus aneurinolyticus. PhD(Bioch), 2010. 206 pp. Promotor: Rautenbach M.

Masters completed

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BARNARD L. The Biosynthesis of Adrenal C11-Oxy C21 Steroids, Implicated in 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency - Desoxycortisol and Desoxycortisone and Their Downstream Metabolism. MSc, 2017. 105 pp. Studieleier: SWART AC.

BARNARD M. The characterization of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 (17βHSD2) activity towards novel C19 substrates. MSc, 2017. 104 pp. Studieleier: STORBECK K.

BARRY CJ. Modelling the glucocorticoid receptor dimerisation cycle. MSc, 2017. 123 pp. Studieleier: ROHWER JM. Medestudieleier: LOUW A.

BURGER R. Flux balance analysis of Plasmodium falciparum growth and energy metabolism. MSc, 2017. 100 pp. Studieleier: SNOEP JL. Medestudieleier: EICHER JJ.

JOHNSTONE E. Comparative secretome analysis of normal prostate and prostate cancer cell models. MSc, 2017. 134 pp. Studieleier: STORBECK K. Medestudieleier: VLOK NM.

JONKER HI. Evaluation of DNA vaccines against Mycoplasma nasistruthionis sp. nov. str. Ms03 infections in ostriches and the production of IgA heavy chain proteins. MSc, 2017. 148 pp. Studieleier: BOTES A. Medestudieleier: BELLSTEDT DU.

KELBE LS. The Effect of Salsola Tuberculatiformis Bostchantzev on the Androgen and Glucocorticoid Receptors in Prostate Cancer Cell Lines. MSc, 2017. 179 pp. Studieleier: SWART P. Medestudieleier: SWART AC.

KUTU V. Biochemical and Genetic Characterization of Bacteria Isolated From Diseased Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Farmed In Lesotho and Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. MSc, 2017. 160 pp. Studieleier: BELLSTEDT DU. Medestudieleier: Macey B, Mouton A.

MUVIRIMI TK. Comparative secretome analysis of benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer cell models. MSc, 2017. 104 pp. Studieleier: STORBECK K. Medestudieleier: VLOK NM.

OLIVIER DW. The age-old problem of pollution, its role in endocrine disruption and the current analytical technologies that can be employed to monitor and assess waste water treatment plants. MSc, 2017. 173 pp. Studieleier: WOLFAARDT GM. Medestudieleier: SWART P.

OOSTHUIZEN MM. Modelling of reinvasion e‑ciency in Plasmodium falciparum cultures. MSc, 2017. 83 pp. Studieleier: SNOEP JL. Medestudieleier: VAN NIEKERK DD.

SCHEEPERS M. Investigation of Coenzyme A levels in Plasmodium falciparum to ascertain the mode of action of new antimalarial candidates. MSc, 2017. 90 pp. Studieleier: DE VILLIERS M. Medestudieleier: STRAUSS E.

SWART L. The interaction of the isomers of 2-(4-acetoxyphenyl)-2-chloro-N-methylethylammonium chloride (Compound A) and the natural products from the shrub Salsola tuberculatisformis Botsch. MSc, 2017. 133 pp. Studieleier: SWART P. Medestudieleier: SWART AC.

VAN DER MEER Y. Investigating progesterone and estrogen receptor crosstalk in breast cancer. MSc, 2017. 136 pp. Studieleier: AFRICANDER DJ. Medestudieleier: LOUW-DU TOIT R.

VAN ROOYEN D. The Metabolism Of Adrenal 11β-Hydroxyprogesterone, 11Keto-Progesterone and 16α-Hydroxyprogesterone by Steroidogenic Enzymes. MSc, 2017. 144 pp. Studieleier: SWART AC. Medestudieleier: SWART P.

VAN WYK L. An investigation into the Potato leafroll virus problem in the Sandveld region, South Africa. MSc, 2017. 197 pp. Studieleier: BELLSTEDT DU.


ANDERSON C. A molecular phylogenetic study of the South American fish genus Pterophyllum. MSc, 2016. 182 pp. Studieleier: BELLSTEDT DU.

COETZEE M. Feedforward activation in metabolic systems. MSc, 2016. 129 pp. Studieleier: HOFMEYR JS. Medestudieleier: ROHWER JM.

DE WET B. Evaluation of DNA vaccines developed against Mycoplasma struthionis sp. nov. str. Ms01 in ostriches. MSc, 2016. 137 pp. Studieleier: BOTES A. Medestudieleier: BELLSTEDT DU.

DU TOIT A. Measuring and Modelling Autophagic Flux. MSc, 2016. 176 pp. Studieleier: LOOS B. Medestudieleier: HOFMEYR JS.

GWASHU A. Protective properties of rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) flavonoids on the prevention of skin cancer. MSc, 2016. 165 pp. Studieleier: GELDERBLOM WCA. Medestudieleier: LOUW A.

LAUBSCHER WE. Production, characterisation and activity of selected and novel antibiotic peptides from soil bacteria . MSc, 2016. 178 pp. Studieleier: RAUTENBACH M.

LOUW C. Comparison of progress curve analysis versus initial rate kinetics for the estimation of enzyme kinetic parameters. MSc, 2016. 152 pp. Studieleier: SNOEP JL. Medestudieleier: EICHER JJ.

NDLOVU E. Crosstalk between the androgen and estrogen receptors in breast cancer. MSc, 2016. 158 pp. Studieleier: AFRICANDER DJ. Medestudieleier: LOUW A.

PRETORIUS E. An investigation into the androgenic activity of 11-ketotestosterone and 11-ketodihydrotestosterone. MSc Biochemie, 2016. 132 pp. Studieleier: STORBECK K. Medestudieleier: SWART AC.

VAN SCHALKWYK FJ. Construction and analysis of a kinetic model of the ovine adrenal steroidogenic subsystem comprising CYP17 AND 3β-HSD. MSc, 2016. 103 pp. Studieleier: SWART P. Medestudieleier: SNOEP JL.

WALTERS N. Mathematical modelling of hypoglycaemia and lactic acidosis in the bloodstream of Plasmodium burghei infected rats; a feasibility study. MSc, 2016. 83 pp. Studieleier: SNOEP JL


ADAMS WW. Glycerol production in Plasmodium falciparum: Towards a detailed kinetic model. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 104 pp. Studieleier: SNOEP JL. Medestudieleier: RAUTENBACH M.

DE LA HARPE A. A Comparative Analysis of Mathematical Models for HIV Epidemiology. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 125 pp. Studieleier: SNOEP JL.

DU TOIT T. The influence of Rooibos on androgen metabolism in normal and cancer prostate cells. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 139 pp. Studieleier: SWART AC. Medestudieleier: STORBECK K.

KEET L. Development of in vitro models to investigate the anti-inflammatory properties of Cyclopia maculata and other herbal teas. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 156 pp. Studieleier: GELDERBLOM WCA. Medestudieleier: SWART AC, Riedel S.

MUGARI MB. The inhibitory effect of Rooibos on cytochromes P450 and downstream in vitro modulation of steroid hormones. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 130 pp. Studieleier: SWART AC. Medestudieleier: SWART P.

QUANSON J. The characterisation of the catalytic activity of human steroid 5alpha reductase towards novel C19 substrates. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 88 pp. Studieleier: STORBECK K. Medestudieleier: SWART AC.

TAIT T. The Production and Purification of Functional Steroid Hormone Receptor Ligand Binding Domains towards the Development of a Biological Endocrine Disruptor Detection System. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 140 pp. Studieleier: SWART P.

VAN DER MERWE PDW. Systematic and Genomic Studies in the Plant Genus Zygophyllum. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 193 pp. Studieleier: BELLSTEDT DU.

VAN RENSBURG W. Characterisation of natural antimicrobial peptides adsorbed to different matrixes. MSc Biochemie, 2015. 160 pp. Studieleier: RAUTENBACH M.


FOX C-L. An investigation into the catalytic activity of porcine cytochrome P450 17α-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase . MSc Biochemie, 2014. 126 pp. Studieleier: Swart AC. Medestudieleier: Swart P, Storbeck K-H.

HAYWARD S. Partial characterization of a bacterial acyl-transferase enzyme for potential application in dairy processing. MSc Biochemie, 2014. 129 pp. Studieleier: Swart P.

KüHN S. Organic codes and their identification: Is the histone code a true organic code?. MSc Biochemie, 2014. 97 pp. Studieleier: Hofmeyr J-HS.

MORTIMER M. Isolation and identification of compounds conferring phytoestrogenic activity to Cyclopia extracts. MSc Biochemie, 2014. 310 pp. Studieleier: Louw A. Medestudieleier: Joubert E.

VAN NIEKERK C. Investigating self-fabrication in the context of artificial chemistries. MSc Biochemie, 2014. 160 pp. Studieleier: Hofmeyr J-HS.

VAN STADEN CT. Towards a kinetic model of the Entner-Doudoroff Pathway in Zymomonas mobilis. MSc Biochemie, 2014. 84 pp. Studieleier: Rohwer JM. Medestudieleier: Snoep JL.


ADRIAANSE C. An investigation into the complex formation of membrane bound cytochrome b5 isolated from ovine liver microsomes. MSc Biochemie, 2013. 103 pp. Studieleier: Swart P. Medestudieleier: Rautenbach M.

CHRISTENSEN CD. Applications of generalised supply-demand analysis. MSc Biochemie, 2013. 134 pp. Studieleier: Rohwer JM. Medestudieleier: Hofmeyr J-HS.

KLOPPER SL. Cloning and functional characterization of thiol disulfide interchange system proteins from Staphylococcus aureus. MSc Biochemie, 2013. 90 pp. Studieleier: Strauss E.

MOCKE L. Kinetic modelling of wine fermentations: Why does yeast prefer glucose to fructose?. MSc Biochemie, 2013. 78 pp. Studieleier: Snoep JL.

ROOS WG. An investigation of prevalence and the detection and race identification of South African potato viruses. MSc Biochemie, 2013. 155 pp. Studieleier: Bellstedt DU.

STRYDOM M. The ostrich mycoplasma Ms02 Partial genome assembly, bioinformatic analysis and the development of three DNA vaccines. MSc Biochemie, 2013. 150 pp. Studieleier: Botes A. Medestudieleier: Bellstedt DU.

VAN TONDER A. Development of an oral vaccine against the ostrich-specific mycoplasma, Mycoplasma struthionis. MSc Biochemie, 2013. 220 pp. Studieleier: Bellstedt DU. Medestudieleier: Botes A.

VAN ZYL J. The quantification of metabolic regulation. MSc Biochemie, 2013. 124 pp. Studieleier: Hofmeyr J-HS. Medestudieleier: Rohwer JM.​


BARNARD A. The optimization of the extraction and purification of horseradish peroxidase from horseradish roots. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 132 pp. Studieleier: Swart P. Medestudieleier: Graz M.

BRANDT S. Preliminary investigations into the use of DNA vaccines to elicit protective immune responses against the ostrich mycoplasma MS01. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 121 pp. Studieleier: Bellstedt DU. Medestudieleier: Botes A.

DE WET T. Laboratory optimization of a protease extraction and purification process from bovine pancreas in preparation for industrial scale up. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 198 pp. Studieleier: Swart P. Medestudieleier: Graz M.

DODD JA. Protein immobilisation on magnetic nanoparticles for the production of lactose-free milk. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 112 pp. Studieleier: Swart P. Medestudieleier: Klumperman B.

GOOSEN R. Quantitative in vitro analysis of Coenzyme A salvage pathway metabolites in Escherichia coli: Development and Application. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 91 pp. Studieleier: Strauss E. Medestudieleier: Snoep JL.

MAKOWA H. The relationship between the insecticide dichlorodiphenyl-trichloroethane and chloroquine in Plasmodium falciparum resistance. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 137 pp. Studieleier: Rautenbach M.

MUNERI NO. Biocatalytic preparation and characterization of alternative substrate of MshB, a mycothiol pathway enzyme. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 72 pp. Studieleier: Strauss E.

NOETH D. Regulation of chemokine gene expression by synthetic progestins in a human vaginal epithelial cell line. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 114 pp. Studieleier: Africander D. Medestudieleier: Hapgood JP.

PRETORIUS C. Covalent immobilisation of alpha-Galactosidase from Escherichia coli to commercially available magnetic nanoparticles for the removal of lactose from milk. MSc Biochemie, 2012. 130 pp. Studieleier: Swart P. Medestudieleier: Storbeck K-​H


CROUS C. Supply-demand analysis of anaerobic free-energy metabolism in Zymomonas mobilis. MSc Biochemie, 2011. 85 pp. Studieleier: Rohwer JM. Medestudieleier: Snoep JL.

DU PLESSIS DM. Fabrication and characterization of anti-microbial and biofouling resistant nanofibers with silver nanoparticles and immobilized enzymes for application in water filtration. MSc Biochemie, 2011. 94 pp. Studieleier: Cloete TE. Medestudieleier: Dicks LTM, Swart P.

GQWAKA OPC. A generic rate equotion for catalysed, template-directed polymerisation and its use in computational systems biology. MSc Biochemie, 2011. 111 pp. Studieleier: Hofmeyr J-HS. Medestudieleier: Rohwer JM.

JANA CE. Synthesis and evaluation of pantothenic acid analogues as potential inhibitors of malaria parasites and bacteria. MSc Biochemie, 2011. 99 pp. Studieleier: Strauss E.

JORDAAN S. Supply-demand analysis of energy metabolism in Lactococcus Lactis under anerobic conditions. MSc Biochemie, 2011. 83 pp. Studieleier: Rohwer JM. Medestudieleier: Snoep JL.​


DU TOIT F. Control Analysis of the Action Potential and its Propagation in the Hodgkin-Huxley Model. MSc Biochemie, 2010. 93 pp. Studieleier: Snoep JL.

SMITH J. Experimental supply demand analysis of yeast fermentative free-energy metabolism: an in vivo and in situinvestigation. MSc Biochemie, 2010. 117 pp. Studieleier: Rohwer JM. Medestudieleier: Snoep JL.

STEENMANS S. The identification, contiguous sequence annotation, cloning and site direct mutagenesis of the P100 vaccine candidate gene of the ostrich mycoplasma Ms02. MSc Biochemie, 2010. 125 pp. Studieleier: Bellstedt DU. Medestudieleier:Botes A.

VISSER K. Effect of modulators of inflammation on hepatic Acute Phase Proteins and Metabolic Enzymes. MSc Biochemie, 2010. 148 pp. Studieleier: Louw A.​​