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SUSS - Stellenbosch University Surgical Society

About us

The Stellenbosch University Surgical Society (SUSS) is a student-driven society aimed at young aspiring surgeons. SUSS serves as a platform for students to gain knowledge in what the surgical field has to offer and focuses on teaching and refining practical surgical skills.

2020/2021 SUSS events


  • SUSS hosts talks by various specialists


  • Junior workshops
    • Basic suturing and hand tie skills
  • Senior workshop
  • Laparoscopic workshops held at Tygerberg Hospital


  • First aid education in the schools of the surrounding Tygerberg community

Intervarsity registrar debate

  • Usually Stellenbosch University vs UCT

Shadow Surgery

SUSS members are afforded the opportunity to shadow laparoscopic surgeries at Tygerberg

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Past SUSS event posters