​​​​​​​Division of Radiodiagnosis

​Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology 2020

  • ​Imaging in COVID-19: Around the world and around the corner. S Griffith-Richards.

​Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology 2019

  • ​Abdominal CT for blunt trauma at Tygerberg Hospital: Does clinical information on the electronic request predict the findings?​ KB Beviss-Challinor

  • Diagnostic yield of CT Angiography in Penetrating Lower Extremity trauma​. AP le Roux.

  • The role of an integrated digital radiology system in assessing the impact of patient load on the accuracy of radiology registrar reports for emergency computed tomography: A retrospective analysis.​ CG Mwinga.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging pre- and post-scan times as a measure of service efficiency in a resource-limited environment.​
    NB van Rooyen.

  • Cavitary plaques in otosclerosis: an overlooked radiological sign in the inner ear.​ K Jansen.

  • Risk stratification of young children presenting to ambulatory paediatrics with first-onset seizures: Should we order an urgent CT brain?​ J Brugman.

  • The efficacy of pineapple juice as a negative oral contrast agent in magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP).
    S Mohabir.

  • Measurement begets management: A descriptive analysis of licensed Zambian radiological resources​. C Mbewe.

​Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology 2018​

  • ​Touch, pause, engage…injury sustained. Radiological findings of children referred to Tygerberg Hospital Radiology who has sustained rugby injuries. Seymour van der Merwe​.

  • Dr Marie Grobbelaar Memorial Lecture: Effects of White matter damage is not detected on directed neurodevelopmental assessments at 5 years in HIV infected children on combination antiretroviral therapy from early infancy. C Ackermann.

  • An audit of polytrauma fracture detection in Cape Town trauma units utilizing the Lodox Statscan whole-body digital X-ray machine. Holdt FC.

  • Radiological studies in very low birth weight and extremely low birth weight neonates: ‘ALARA’ revisited. Surjit Damon Jeetoo.

  • Evaluation of the role of Non-Echo-Planar Diffusion Weighted Imaging Magnetic Resonance Imaging in sparing “2 nd -look”surgery after modified (attic inclusion, mastoid exclusion) Canal Wall Up-surgery for Cholesteatoma in a resource-constrained setting. Eksteen C. 

  • The role of the radiology information system (RIS) in assessing the impact of patient load on emergency computed tomography (CT) efficiency. Suzanne O’Hagan.

  • A critical analysis of the utilisation of diagnostic radiology services at Tygerberg Hospital for the 10-year period ending December 2017. Camilla Le Roux​.

  • High resolution computed tomography (HRCT) in vertically infected HIV positive adolescents on ART. Anne-Marie du Plessis.​

Prof RD Pitcher

Dr S van der Merwe

Dr C Ackermann​

Dr FC Holdt


Dr C le Roux and Dr K Jansen


Ms le Roux and Me Mintoor

Dr B Janse van Rensburg, Dr M Liu, Sr S Mohabir, Dr A Mkhize